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Google Finally Admits Nobody Wants Google Glass, Pulls It Off The Market

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Google Glass will be leaving the market Monday. Better hurry if you want a $1500 toy that makes people hate you!


Man In Inflatable Bubble Attempts To Run From Florida To Bermuda, But Fails Miserably

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The U.S. Coast Guard was forced to rescue the man after he finally realized the error of his journey.


Southwest Kicked A Passenger Off A Flight Because He Posted A Negative Tweet About The Airline

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Southwest apparently has a standing policy of throwing people who complain on social media off their planes.


This Kansas City Royals Ballboy Learned From His Mistakes By Totally Giving Up

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If at first you don't succeed, give up, because trying only leads to failure: an important lesson learned by this Kansas City Royals ballboy

screaming terror

LG’s New Phone Ad Might Be The Most Terrifying Thing You See Today

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The LG G Flex needed an ad emphasizing how "human" it was. Apparently to this ad agency that meant "body horror and lots of it."


Wearable Technology Is Destined To Be 2014's Most Embarrassing Fad

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The wearable tech fad is about to go mainstream in 2014... and it won't be pretty. We look at next year's inevitable, embarrassing fad.


The FBI's Crappy Databases Might Be Screwing You Out Of A Job

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The FBI's criminal database turns out to be roughly as accurate as flipping a coin. And employers consulted it nearly 17 million times last year.


The Center For Copyright Information Gets Its Status Revoked


The Center for Copyright Information is no longer a company because apparently, they can't be bothered to fill out forms.


HTC First, AKA The Facebook Phone, Is Already Being Discontinued

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Unsurprisingly, the HTC First is not selling the way Facebook had hoped.


Spotify Launches Web Interface, Fails To Secure Its Own Music

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Spotify launches a new Web-based music player... and hackers promptly discover it's a free music buffet.


Google Glass Will Fail Miserably With Consumers. Here's Why.

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Google Glass is at SXSW... but it won't be going much farther.


Least Shocking News Ever: Apple Maps Head Fired

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At least the Apple Maps guy, Richard Williamson, was not fired out of a cannon into the sun, which is how Apple generally fires people. True story.

thanksgiving day parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Confetti Actually Shredded Police Documents


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a lot more lively now that we know it's basically 'Hackers.'


How One Company Shut Down Links On Twitter


Twitter didn't really think through this whole "shortlink" thing.

oh brother

Three Reasons Cable’s Streaming Games Gamble Will Fail

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Cable wants you to buy your games from it. Yeah, good luck with that.


At Long Last, Wikipedia Has A Bribery Scandal

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Apparently Wikipedia editors will actually be tempted by money, after all.


Bing Wants You To ‘Bing It On’. Except, Uh, Probably Not.

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Binging It On turns out to mean "Google beats you like a veal".


Facebook Is About To Start Dumping Ads In Your Feed

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Man, we can't wait to see what Facebook does when its stock hits $15. Will it start selling all the nudie pictures it deletes?

mat honan

An Alternate Perspective: Mat Honan, And All Of Us, Had It Coming


Hey, here's an idea. If you get lazy and complacent, it'll blow up in your face! Isn't that shocking?!

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