Watch This Guy Faint Three Times While Riding A Slingshot Amusement Ride

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This guy faces his fear of heights on one of those slingshot amusement park rides and manages to faint three times in the process.

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The Rock Pushed Himself So Hard While Filming ‘Hercules’ That He Blacked Out


The Rock shares how he blacked out while shooting 'Hercules' and Conan decides to make fun of him for the entire interview.


The Ultimate "People Fainting" Compilation


More than two full minutes of people falling flat on their faces (or backs).

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People Can’t Really Handle 127 Hours

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Aron Ralston’s tale of a Moab Canyon adventure gone bad has been well documented for the seven years since it happened.


Tennis Hopeful Collapses At US Open

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Victoria Azarenka headed into the 2010 U.



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Keep your peepers on the ballboy in the upper left corner:I don't know if it was the heat or being made to watch a boring sport that made this lad face-plant the clay, but I suspect he could hear the announcer's voice and didn't want to listen to French anymore.

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