You’d Totally Watch This Brian Scalabrine ’30 For 30′ If It Was Real

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This fake 30 for 30 trailer for Brian Scalabrine's career is more depressing than it is funny because we want it to be real.


‘Not Another Sundance Movie’ Is The Perfect Indie Movie Parody

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The trailer for 'Not Another Sundance Movie' nails all your favorite indie dramedy clichés, including shouting at the steering wheel and running with sparklers.


Check Out ‘Him,’ The Hilarious Fake Sequel To Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’

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If the ideal woman sounds like Scarlett Johansson, what does the ideal dude sound like?


Here’s The Classic NES Game ‘Paperboy’ Reimagined As A Horror Film

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The folks at Silvermania created this fake trailer of an 80s horror movie based on the 'Paperboy' video game for the Nintendo.


Zachary Levi & Kate McKinnon’s ‘Falling for You’ takes on the clumsy rom-com chick trope

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Here's Zachary Levi and SNL's Kate McKinnon starring in Falling for You, a new fake trailer that takes on one of the oldest, weirdest rom-com tropes in the book, the phenomenon whereby screenwriters think that in order to make the super-pretty female lead relatable, they have to show her being a clumsy doofus.


Saturday Night Live's Fake Wes Anderson Horror Trailer Was Pretty Accurate

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Edward Norton gave his best Owen Wilson impression in Saturday Night Live's fake Wes Anderson horror film trailer.


Here’s The Modern Action Movie Trailer For Monty Python And The Holy Grail

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If you've ever wondered what Monty Python and the Holy Grail would have looked like as a modern action film, then today is your lucky day.

White House Down

Check Out The Trailer For Channing Tatum's 'Waffle House Down'

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Hot on the heels of the star-studded music video for <a href="" target="_blank">“Channing All Over My Tatum”</a>, Jimmy Kimmel revealed last night that he may be even more tapped in to the C-Tates industry than I am.

white house correspondents dinner

VIDEO: Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Steven Spielberg’s ‘Obama’

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I turned on the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night, and quickly shut it off after hearing the phrase "nerd prom" about seven times and getting sideline reports from at least two guys wearing "wacky" bow ties.


The Day the Earth Stopped Masturbating (Morning Links)

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[via Holy Taco] MORNING LINKS Matthew McConaughey was shirtless at Whole Foods |Film Drunk| Frotcast 142: Matt Ufford, and Your Favorite Directors' Worst Movies |Frotcast| Gaaahhhh [via Best Nate Smith Ever!] How Justin Timberlake Went From Boy Band Laughing Stock To Pop Culture Icon |UPROXX| Broadway Theatergoers Can’t [...].


Must Watch Mash-Up: Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross In Madea’s The Family That Slays

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Before Vince’s favorite baseball team knocked America’s favorite team, the St.


Olivia Munn's Boobs Tragically Disappear In The Trailer For 'Ghost Tits'

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When did it happen? When did nerd wet dream personified Olivia Munn become — dare I say it? — kind of awesome?


Sweet trailer alert: FDR: American Badass

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This trailer for "FDR: American Badass" is a few days old by now, but I let it slip by and I apologize.


Genius Parody: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close for 9/11 conspiracy theorists

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There are far too many supercuts, parodies, and fan-made trailers going around for me to post even a fraction of them (and for the most part, you should thank me), but I consider this parody of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close close to a must-watch.


Leonardo DiCaprio gets a biopic of his own, plus, SEXYZONE

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Finally, a biopic about one man's quest to win an Oscar for starring in biopics.


April Fools Day sucks: the video

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Today is April Fool's Day, a time of hilarious pranks, like that I<a href="" target="_blank">mprov Everywhere guy</a> who got beat up dressed as Jar-Jar, only the video was staged, and I guess that was the improv, and.


‘Velocipastor’ trailer combines Catholicism, dinosaurs

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After the jump, I've got the trailer for 'Velocipastor.


Trailer for The King’s Speech 2: The Queen’s Speech

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According to the <a href="" target="_blank">latest reports</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Serene Branson</a> didn't have a stroke, so I suppose we're free to laugh at her until we discover some other health problem.


Schindler’s List: Now in 3D (and Links)

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Once you see the footage, you start to realize Schindler's List really could use a 3D re-release.


“There’s something on the tracks!” An Unstoppable Parody.

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Here at FilmDrunk, we're huge fans of the trailer for Tony Scott's <a href="" target="_blank">Unstoppable</a>.

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