Have iPhone 6 Photos Leaked? TMZ Thinks So.

TMZ thinks it has the iPhone 6. It does not have the iPhone 6. And now we all point and laugh!


Kanye West Didn't Start A WHOIS Service, But Man This Fake is Convincing

Kanye, for those who don't obsessively follow the guy, started a web company last year, Donda Media.


FYI, That Banker Breakup Email Floating Around Is Fake, Fake, FAKE!


Over the past couple of days multiple people have emailed me and tweeted at me to bring my attention to an email currently floating around the web that was originally posted on Reddit.


SHOCKER: Popular, Attractive Girl On The Internet Is A Complete Fake


Over the past few years, four from what I've been able to ascertain, Kimberly "Kimber" Delacroix presented herself on Tumblr as -- in the words of a friend who followed her -- a "Globetrotting single mom with an apartment in Manhattan, and a live-in nanny, existing as a personal trainer and an author who wrote under some name she refused to disclose.


F.I.L.A. But This Ain’t Right…


Yes, I love Atlanta but these two items featuring Atliens left me shaking my head.

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