No Malice

No Malice Ft. Fam-Lay – “Blasphemy” Video

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"I get better with age while time's evolvin', I'm a vintage wine, I'm a retro Jordan..."

Turn Your Brain Off

Fam-Lay – “Look Into My Eyes” Video

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Not sure of the catalyst but Fam-Lay's managed to pop up with more frequency in the past six to seven months or at least been seen and heard more than he was between now and circa 2009.

The Neptunes

Fam-Lay – “Skrung Out” Video

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Fam-Lay has always been a personal favorite, if only because people from his part of VA sound almost exactly like people from DC.

The Neptunes

Fam-Lay – “Beach Cruiser” Video

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Dear Black Jesus, Thank you for allowing Fam-Lay to bring forth new material on a somewhat consistent basis.

The Neptunes

Fam-Lay – “Beach Cruiser” (Prod. By Chad Hugo)

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Fam-Lay and Chad Hugo appear at about the same frequency so it makes total sense they show up together for "Beach Cruiser.

Turn Your Brain Off

Fam-Lay – “Look Into My Eyes”

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Virginia's travel slogan leads outsiders to believe it to be a warm, inviting place.


Fam-Lay – “What’s My Name” Video

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Fam drops a visual in conjunction with "What's My Name" and the song and clip are answers in the form of what looks like a question if you're only judging by the title.

Nana Rouges

Fam-Lay – “What’s My Name?”

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Norfolk VA's Fam comes through again with a new release, adding his name to ledger for rappers on parole looking to regain a buzz.

The Neptunes


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There comes a time when listeners have the right to actually stop caring about rappers whose favorite lyrics are "coming soon.


“No Parking On The Dance Floor…”

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It's freaky freaky Friday the 13th and for most of us it's warm.

The Dirty Way Mixtape

Fam-Lay – War Music

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A few weeks ago, the homie K.

Fam Lay

“I Just Wanna Have Re-laaationnssss…”

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It's always cool to be on the recieving end of some emails.

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