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Please Enjoy This Reddit AMA With A Former Teenage 'Family Feud' Contestant


This Reddit AMA will tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about 'Family Feud'.


Watch This 'Family Feud' Contestant Amazingly Accumulate 200 Points For A Solo Win

By | 18 Comments

Want to see a 'Family Feud' contestant clean house totally by herself? Of course you do!


A Very Scientific Ranking Of The 29 Worst Celebrity Guests In WrestleMania History

By | 118 Comments

We're counting down the 29 worst celebrity guests in WWE WrestleMania history, from Kim Kardashian to the 'Where's the Beef?' lady.

here comes honey boo boo

Allow Steve Harvey To Hilariously Recall The Time The 'Honey Boo Boo' Family Appeared On 'Family Feud'

By | 10 Comments

National Treasure Steve Harvey recounted to Jimmy Fallon about that time the 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' family appeared on a celebrity edition of 'Family Feud', and -- spoiler alert -- he wasn't a fan.


A ‘Family Feud’ Survey Confirms Shaq Is The Second Best NBA Player Of All-Time

By | 13 Comments

According to a recent 'Family Feud' survey, Shaquille O'Neal is the second best NBA player of all-time, behind Michael Jordan.

giant rubber dong

Never Change, 'Family Feud.' Never.

By | 34 Comments

We may have a new leader in the category of "Great 'Family Feud' Moment in History."


Screw It, Let’s Watch A Bunch Of Funny Answers From Steve Harvey’s ‘Family Feud’

By | 23 Comments

A brief tribute to the new version of "Family Feud" hosted by Steve Harvey, along with a collection of some of the funniest answers.

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The Cast Of ‘Modern Family’ Played ‘Modern Family Feud’ On Kimmel’s Show Last Night

By | 12 Comments

Enjoy "Modern Family Feud," if only to hear Sofia Vergara yell "BOOBS!" out as an answer.


We Applaud This ‘Family Feud’ Contestant’s Unabashed Love For ‘Titties’

By | 24 Comments

This man is confident and completely devoid of shame, just the way one should be when uttering the word "titties" on Family Feud.


Family Feud Contestant: T is For “Titties”


Naming a part of the body that starts with "T" is no problem for this contestant.


‘Family Feud’ Contestant Outs Husband For Wearing Her Panties


I think it's safe to say Terry regrets appearing on Family Feud.

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Here Are The Worst Answers Ever Offered By ‘Family Feud’ Contestants

By | 15 Comments

Some people go on Family Feud. And some of those people give impossibly bad answers to survey questions.


Family Feud Fails


A montage of the worst, funniest, and most disturbing answers given during Family Feud's 35+ year history.


Good Answer, Good Answer /Side-Eye


There is no way Family Feud wrote this question thinking nobody would say "penis".


R.I.P. 'Family Feud' Host Richard Dawson

By | 18 Comments

Richard Dawson, best known as the host of the original "Family Feud," <a href="">passed away</a> on Saturday at the age of 79 due to complications from cancer.

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‘Family Feud’ Survey Says…’His Schlong’

By | 8 Comments

"Name something an airline pilot might be holding during a long flight.

game shows

‘Family Feud’ Addresses ‘Spit vs. Swallow’

By | 17 Comments

This clip from "Family Feud" was destined for viral fame the moment the survey "something you put in your mouth but don't swallow" was taken.

game shows

The Worst Family Feud Team Ever

By | 14 Comments

At seven minutes, this video is about twice as long as anything I ordinarily post, but it's simply too good not to share.

ellen degeneres

Survey Says… Ellen Hates America!

By | 22 Comments

Ellen Degeneres was a category on "Family Feud" recently -- specifically, "Things Everyone Knows About Ellen Degeneres" -- and the Sutton family hit a few bumps along the way.

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