Let’s Celebrate The Bushwhackers In The WWE Hall Of Fame By Watching Their ‘Family Matters’ Appearance

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If you don't think the Bushwhackers deserve to be in the Hall of Fame then you haven't seen them on Family Matters.

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Key & Peele Went Behind The Scenes Of ‘Family Matters’ To Expose The Sinister Dealings Of Steve Urkel

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Key & Peele's latest hilarious sketch goes behind the scenes of 'Family Matters' to uncover the sinister dealings of Steve Urkel.


Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of ABC’s TGIF With TV’s Greatest Opening Credits

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As ABC's classic TGIF block turns 25 this week, we should remember it fondly for having the most hilariously corny opening credits.

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Dear TV Executives, Please Don’t Ever Make Spin-Offs About These Characters

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All this talk about a Bud Bundy TV show has us terrified that other TV characters could end up getting their own ill-advised spin-offs.


Here Are The 5 TGIF Sitcoms That Are Ripe For A ‘Girl Meets World’ Style Reboot

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We take a look back at ABC's TGIF lineup and five of the best shows that should get a 'Girl Meets World' reboot.


The 10 Greatest Basketball Moments Ever In TV Sitcoms

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Growing up in the ‘90s, I was spoiled in an era that was full of great television sitcoms.


Sports On TV: Family Matters’ 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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did I do that This week, With Leather's semi-weekly look at the best sports moments from not-sports television shows goes back to its 80s roots to chronicle the jet pack rope climbs, Bushwhacker tag team matches and Grandmama slam dunks of ABC's TGIF founding father 'Family Matters.


This Steve Urkel 'Breaking Bad' Mash-Up Is Your New Desktop Background

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Do I have a good reason for posting this "Breaking Bad"/Urkel photoshop mash-up.


Did The Minnesota Timberwolves Do That


Yesterday's day of updates included two major references to 80s/90s TGIF sitcom staple 'Family Matters': Jaleel 'Steve Urkel' White being announced as one of the celebrities for season 14 of Dancing With The Stars and highlights of the NBA D-League slam dunk contest that featured a contestant dressed as Larry Johnson's 'Grandmama' wherein I incorrectly identified Grandmama as someone who helped Eddie Winslow win a basketball game 20 years ago, when in actuality she helped URKEL win 20 years ago when Eddie bailed on him to be on a team with someone else.


NBA D-League Dunk Contest: About A Billion Times Better Than The Real One

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I wish more people cared about the NBA Developmental League.


Important News: Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Has Its Sports Guys

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The cast for season 14 of ABC’s 'Dancing with the Stars' was unveiled this morning, and to answer the questions you may be having so far: 1.


Stefon Diggs: All Derp Everything


We've talked a lot at With Leather about the racist things you are and aren't allowed to say about Jeremy Lin's unexpected run as the HNIC (or its equivalent) of the New York Knicks.


Dude Blows the Roof off the ‘American Idol’ Dump By Singing the ‘Family Matters’ Theme

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Please trust that I would never, ever inflict "American Idol" upon you without good reason.


What Morning Links Will Look Like In 9 Years

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Probably the saddest thing ever covered by 24 hour news.

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Corgi Friday Is Ours Now, Jerks

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Okay, maybe not, but this puppy running to a Firefly B-side is pretty awesome.


Here’s A Supercut Of Anti-Drug PSAs In 80s and 90s Sitcoms


You guys, you probably already know this, but drugs are bad.


Live Free And Don’t Die Hard In The Womb

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How many of you can picture a barefoot Tim Tebow being forced to walk on broken glass.

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Steve Urkel Lives on… as Punishment

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Score another one for local news: this report from CBS affiliate WREG-3 details how Memphis's Westside Middle School has implemented the "Urkel Initiative," in which students who wear their pants too low are punished by getting their pants hiked up to their navels and zip-tied in place.

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