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Two Men Plead Guilty To Killing Wiz Khalifa’s Uncle


Two men will serve a potential combined 85 years in prison for the 2014 murder of Imani Porter.


Family Of The Year Award Goes To The People Who Fake-Kidnapped Their Own Son To Teach Him A Lesson


Children frustrate their parents so often, it's surprising more of them don't snap.


Supercut: Awkward Meal Time

The most awkward dinner table scenes in Hollywood history, all in one video.


LEGO Just Won Christmas With This Heartwarming Father-Son Commercial


I challenge anyone who has snapped bricks with another living being to not be moved by this spot.


Russian Weightlifter Pumps Iron With His Adorable Daughter

Russian weightlifter Dmitry Klokov, a former world champion, pumps some iron alongside the cutest lifting partner ever.


Pregnancy Announcement Surprises Very Excited Grandma-To-Be

A woman's family sends her on a scavenger hunt to find a very special birthday present.

In Laws

Did You Hear About The Guy Who’s Selling His Mother-In-Law On eBay Because He Broke His Ankles?

eBay. Where you can buy old sandwiches, sadness and mothers-in-law. Just like God intended.


Dad Tricks Toddler Into Eating Vegetables

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a father tasked with feeding his child.


Soldier Shocks Family With Early Homecoming Scuba Surprise

Captain Hyrum Bronson returns home three weeks early from his deployment to Afghanistan and sneaks up on his family by scuba diving.


Chinese Dad Turns Himself Into a Swing

This dad will stop at nothing to make his little girl happy, even if it means turning himself into a human swing.


Guitar Smash Fail

A young man tries and tries and tries to break a guitar over his head, generating a priceless reaction from his mother.


Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home

A compilation of fun and emotional clips of happy dogs welcoming their owners home from military duty.


Father Rams Son's Car, Then Chases Him on Foot in China

A Chinese man rams his black Mercedes into the side of his son's BMW, and the bizarre dispute doesn't end there: Both men escape the crash on foot and the father procedes to chase his son through the crowded intersection.


Father And Two-Year-Old Son Play “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles

A father and his adorable son collaborate on "Don't Let Me Down" by The Beatles.


Baby Quadruplets Think Dad is Hilarious

These newborn quadruplets just can't get enough of their silly daddy.


The World’s Smartest Baby Prank

LG pranks expectant parents during their ultrasound appointments, making them think their children are unreasonably advanced.


Pregnancy Announcement Reaction Compilation

The best reactions to surprise pregnancy announcements the Internet has to offer, all in one video.

mother's day

Yo Mama Battle (of Compliments)

Just in time for Mother's Day, here's the most heartwarming "Yo Mama" battle ever.


Freaks and Geeks: The Best of Mr. Weir

One of the most underrated dads in TV history was Harold Weir of the short-lived series Freaks and Geeks.

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