‘Power/Rangers’ Producer Unveils New James Bond Bootleg Universe Short Film

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Remember Power/Rangers? Well, its producer is back with an all new bootleg universe film, this time focused on everyone's favorite 00, Bond.

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Disney, Hire This Man: ‘Star Wars’ Fan Video Features The Millennium Falcon

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A wife gives her husband the best birthday present ever, a working Millennium Falcon, in a short Star Wars fan video called "Big Red Bow".


Handsome Jack Gets His Own 'Borderlands' Fan Film With 'Jack's Exodus'


Here's the first teaser for 'Jack's Exodus', a not-for-profit 'Borderlands' fan film screening at next week's Games On Film Festival.


See, THIS Is How You Do An Iron Man Cartoon

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Here's an Iron Man fan animation better than most of 'Iron Man 2.'

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The Full ‘Star Wars Downunder’ Fan Film Is As Silly As We Hoped It Would Be


'Star Wars Downunder' reimagines 'Star Wars' if Luke Skywalker were Australian. The full fan film is finally here.


Wonder Woman Fan Film Once Again Shows Us What Could Be

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Another Wonder Woman fan film -- this time from Rainfall Films -- has come along to make us feel depressed about Warner and DC's constant foot-dragging.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Fan Film Shows Us What The TV Show Could Have Been

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Peter Stormare ('The Big Lebowski'), Timothy V. Murphy ('Sons Of Anarchy'), and Nina Bergman star in a Wonder Woman fan film by Jesse V. Johnson.

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Half-Life Fan Film Takes Us Back To The Beginning


Did you like "Beyond Black Mesa", the eleven minute Half-Life short film made on a budget of $1,200 by some dedicated fans.

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Corridor Digital Shocks With A Battlefield 3 Fan Film


PROTIP: Always bring a defibrillator to an engulfed-in-flames knife fight.


Who Voltron’d It Better?


We haven't heard much lately about the Voltron movie in development, although the last time we wrote about it we were introduced to our new favorite producer name: Dick Suckle.


WTF, Japan?


The Kusarine Project has unleashed some amazing nightmare fuel into the world.

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Casey Jones Gets A Fan-Tastic Film


Filmmaker Polaris Banks has made a thirty-five minute fan film of the hockey stick wielding, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle loving Casey Jones.

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Team Fortress 2 Fan Film Is Explodey, Awesome


Sam Gorski and Nick Pueringer of Corridor Digital (AKA our new best friends who don't know us) have made another great fan film to go with Frozen Crossing and Prism to name just a couple of theirs.


Minecraft As A First-person Shooter, Some Fans Have Way Too Much Time


My number one gripe with sandbox style construction games has always been their lack of fully automatic machine guns.


Batman Noir?

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Fan films can be awesome, or ridiculous, but usually they're both.

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These Portal Fan Films Are A Triumph


A couple videos made by Portal fans fell into our laps this morning while we were fashioning non-canonical short film that envisions what might have happened if Chell escaped Aperture Science Laboratories before the making of Portal 2, which is why she doesn't have Long Fall Boots.

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