This ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Fan Film Is Way Better Than ‘Dragon Ball: Evolution’

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With fan films being all the rage at the moment, of course someone was gonna do one for Dragon Ball Z.

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Watch The Pyro From ‘Team Fortress 2′ Thoroughly Enjoy ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’


What happens when you pair a childlike enthusiasm for the world with incendiary weapons? Nothing good for the Freddy Fazbear's team.


This Fan Trailer For ‘Lobo’ Is What The Main Man Deserves

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Lobo may never make it to the big screen. But at least he gets a faithful trailer.

Super Smash Bros.

‘Super Smash Bros.’ Meets Backyard Wrestling In This Fan Film


There's nothing like beating on your friends, which this 'Super Smash Bros.' film demonstrates.


Georgia WR Chris Conley’s Long-Awaited ‘Star Wars’ Fan Film Is Finally Here

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What started as a simple campus lightsaber duel turned into Georgia Bulldogs WR Chris Conley's own 'Star Wars' fan film, 'Retribution.'


‘Our Robocop Remake’ Is Officially The Best Robocop Remake Of 2014

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55 fan filmmakers have done a reboot of 'Robocop' for, I'm assuming, around 55 dollars...

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Jack Kirby and Ed Wood Team Up To Fight Sorcerers

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The team up you never anticipated in the movie you never thought you'd see! And it's every bit as ridiculous as it sounds!


And Now, Marvel Heroes Screwing Up For Two Straight Minutes

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Junaid Chundrigar is an animator who, if there were any justice, would be working for Marvel right now.


Awesome CG Fan Film Pits Superman Against the Hulk

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Lou Ferrigno Hulk versus Christopher Reeves Superman, specifically.

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Even "Firefly" Is Getting a Mockbuster?

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We don't want to disparage Rick McLeod's efforts out of hand, but come on, look at that poster and then tell us this didn't start life as a "Firefly" fan film that somehow actually got a budget behind it.

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Behold, An Epic Saga about…Haggar?


There's little that's as fun as reading old Viking sagas and epic poems.

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Oh Hey Look, It’s A L.A. Jedi Gang Fight (Video)


Look, I realize that the banner picture there kinda' looks like a hate crime in progress, but I can assure you that it's not.


“Superman Classic”: Best Animated Fan Film Ever?


Fan films are generally more entertaining for their devotion to the subject than their technical artistry.

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Fallout: New Vegas Fan Film, 16-Minutes Worth of Win

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Just days after bringing you a Half-Life fan film, I'm proud to say we've got another video game-induced theatrical attempt to round out your week.

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Half-Life Fan Film: 11-Minutes of Geeky Greatness

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Usually when I hear the words "fan film" I start breaking out in dry sweats throw up blood and usually piddle a little bit, but things were significantly different today after watching this Half-Life inspired fan film, Beyond Black Mesa.

judge dredd

Gaze Into the Fist of…Minty?


Part of the fun of any fan film, especially of something a bit more obscure like "Judge Dredd", is the fans digging out a somewhat obscure character and giving him a moment in the spotlight.


Tron Fan Films Are Like Herve Villechaize: Short and Awesome


Fan films can sometimes be absolutely amazing, and other times suck abysmally.

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The Closest We Will Ever Get To a “Mega Man” Movie


As a child of the '80s, I freely admit to loving every frustrating moment of every single Mega Man game.

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