This Fan-Made ‘Akira’ Project Will Change Your Mind About A Live-Action Movie

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Craving for a live-action 'Akira' film? This fan-made trailer will quench that thirst.

#Star Wars

VIDEO: The glorious alternate version of Star Wars where Jar-Jar dies at the beginning

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VIDEO: How much better would 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace' have been if Jar-Jar had been killed off early on, and never made it to subsequent appearances in Episodes II and III? Watch this alternate version and dream.


‘The Dark Knight Legacy’ Is A Fan Made Short Sequel To ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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This week in Indiegogo crowd-funding news, a group of Batman fans is currently <a href="" target="_blank">trying to raise between $30,000 and $90,000</a> to produce The Dark Knight Legacy, an unofficial sequel to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises that would take place one year after Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle left Gotham City for a little R&R in Europe.


It’s Saul Good, Man: 15 Of The Best Pieces Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Fan Art

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A collection of the greatest fan-made artwork dedicated to AMC's "Breaking Bad."


These #WatchCommunity Fanbase Infiltration GIFs Are Fighting The Good ‘Community’ Fight

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Will they make a difference? Probably not. "A" for effort? You betcha.


The 'Lost' Themed Baby Nursery Is Now A Thing That Exists

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I imagine when the kid is old enough they're going to get him or her seasons 1-5 on DVD and tell them the show got Firefly'd.


Iron Man sculpture made of bloody urine wins art prize. Your move, James Franco.

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An art student in Taiwan recently won an art prize by creating an image of Iron Man using his own bloody urine.


The Batman Trilogy Poster And A Bunch Of Other Cool Fan Made Dark Knight Rises Posters

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Nerd boner-related incidents have tripled over the last week as <a href="" target="_blank">the first official Dark Knight Rises poster</a> (but what does it mean.


Feature-length, fan-made remake of Footloose pwns Hollywood

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Want to watch a feature-length, fan-made remake of Footloose.



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This is a fan-made trailer for Iron Man 2 created by Vic at <a href="" target="_blank">ScreenRant</a>, who I hear has a natural, masculine musk.



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A group of incredibly proactive dork- er, Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, recently shot a 40-minute, high-definition film in North Wales with an all-volunteer crew of 150.

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