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Curses! EA Sports Unveils Its Long-Haired CoverHippies


Electronic Arts tried to keep the new Madden in the conversation for an extra blogcycle a few days ago by claiming that there were nine "finalists" for the cover of the Madden '10 game (which included Matt Cassel for some reason), when really it turned out to be the duo that the Arizona Republic reported a few weeks back.

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I’ve Got to Come Clean About This Whole Retirement Thing


Some people may find it curious that I'm bothering to announce my retirement now, when I haven't played since last year.

wish i had a DVR

Tonight, The Final Battle Between Good And Evil Begins… With A Very Long, Spoiler-Laden Preview


Very Deep Announcer Voice: Tonight… They were just ordinary people… Claire: God, I feel so ordinary despite my flawless skin and supple curves.

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