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Just A Reminder: Fans Are The Worst


The real losers yesterday turned out not to be on the field or on the sidelines (sorry Greg Schiano), but in the stands, as fans in both San Francisco and Houston did normal fan-type things like cheering and the wave, except when they did these fan-type things players were down with injuries on the field.


These Giant Kate Upton Heads Were Supposed To Mess With Justin Verlander


Some Oakland Athletics fans used giant Kate Upton head cutouts to heckle Justin Verlander, but it did not work at all.


Meet The 7-Year Old New York Jets Fan You’d Like To Hurl From The Top Of The Stadium


A 7-year old New York Jets fan harassed a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan at MetLife Stadium, and it was captured in stunning vertical video.


BeyoncĂ© Has A New Least Favorite Fan: The One She Got Her Hair Stuck In


Watch footage of Beyonce getting her hair stuck in a fan, and keep on performing without missing a beat.


Fan Dives Into Bush For Baseball, Doesn’t Get Baseball

A San Diego Padres fan dives into some shrubbery in an attempt to retrieve a home run ball, only to come up empty handed.


Fan Catches Foul Ball in Hat While Holding Baby

A Detroit Tigers fan manages to snag a foul ball with his cap while holding on to his kid.


Prankster Asks NFL Fans About Fake Players

A prankster asks die hard fans at the 2013 NFL Draft about players that aren't even real, and they're more than happy to give their opinions.


Home Run Lands in Fan’s Popcorn

Drew Stubbs hits a rocket to right field that causes a popcorn explosion.


Young Fan Hilariously Throws Baseball Back on Field

After being given a foul ball by a generous fan, a young boy immediately throws it back onto the field -- much to the dismay of his family.


Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer, Chugs Beer Anyway

This fan won't let a pesky foul ball get between him and his beer.


The First Annual Justin Smoak Foul Ball Beer Chug


Your browser does not support iframes.


Man Catches Home Run While Holding Baby

Jayson Werth hits a home run and a fan catches it with one hand while holding a baby in the other.


Home Run Hits Woman in Face as Boyfriend Jumps Out of the Way

A fan jumps out of the way of a Pete Kozma home run, only to have it drill his girlfriend in the head.


How Chips Ahoy! Turned My Terrible NCAA Tournament Bracket Into A Positive

The NCCA Tournament is down to its Final Four: Michigan, Syracuse, Louisville And Wichita State.

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Bill Murray Feeds Divot to a Fan

Bill Murray takes a chunk of grass with his beautiful approach shot, then feeds the grass to a lucky fan.


Celtics Fan Rocks Out to Bon Jovi

A fan in the crowd realizes he's on the jumbotron and responds with an epic performance.


Musical Fans

You probably shouldn't try this at home.


Boom, Rugby Headshot


The following hilariously-accurate, beer-spilling headshot took place on Tuesday at a rugby game.

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