Roger Troutman

Charlie Wilson Remade Roger’s “I Want To Be Your Man”? Charlie Wilson Remade Roger’s “I Want To Be Your Man”!

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Anyone who's ever seen Dumb & Dumber and knows the scene where Lloyd Christmas first finds out about the moon landing will understand how I reacted upon stumbling across Charlie Wilson's remake of Roger Troutman's classic ballad, "I Want To Be Your Man," from 2010's Just Charlie.

Side Effects Of You

Fantasia Ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott – “Without Me” Video

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After going through her share of ups and downs, Fantasia's finally back strutting her stuff like the days of old.

Side Effects Of You

Fantasia Ft. Big K.R.I.T. – “Supernatural Love”

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Something expected this way comes as country cousins Fantasia and Big K.

Side Effects Of You

Fantasia Ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott – “Without Me”

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Fantasia trades in her big gospel voice for a more subdued style on "Without Me," the Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott-assisted second single from Side Effects Of You.


7 Stars We’d Shamefully Make Love To

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A whole lot of us would boink highly boinkable stars like Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian and every other star that fits under the "eight, nine, dime" category in a split second.


2.17 The Cooler

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Carol Seleme Daniel Serene Branson: Auto-Tuned Remix [Warming Glow] Dwight Howard’s NBA All-Star Party Has Debauchery Written All Over It [The Big Lead] Oprah Winfrey’s Secret Former Lover Speaks Out [GOT] NAACP Fights Against KKK's Commemorative License Plate [The Atlanta Post] Arcade Fire Respond [...].


8.19 The Cooler

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Dana Lee Brett Favre: The Unauthorized, Unapologetic Biography [Uproxx] The Ultimate Archive: Lara Croft’s Hottest Pics [Complex] How India.

The Diplomats

8.8 The Cooler

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Victoria Renee Fantasia Has a Sex Tape? [Miss Jia] Camron Says 'Eight, Nine Songs Done' With The Reunited Diplomats [Xclusives Zone] Spike Lee Talks BP Spill & Sean Penn [Deadline] Motor City Coltranes and Midwest Malcolms [Passion Of Weiss] L’il Hockey Brawlers Call A Truce [...].


Aren’t They All?

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If an illiterate Fanny wasn't rescued by Simon Cowell, I'm pretty sure she would've be an "exotic dancer" and hen mother to The Twerk Team.

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