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Box Office: Kick-Ass 2 opens almost as badly as R.I.P.D.

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Lee Daniels' The Butler (we can thank Warner Bros' litigiousness for that mouthful of a title) opened at number one this week, with an estimated $25 million in domestic box office.

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Box Office: A Good Weekend for Wolverine is a Great Weekend for Bad 'Claw' Puns

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Hugh Jackman and his torso made entirely out of veiny penises was too sexy for American moviegoers to resist over the weekend, topping the box office with $55 million (our Wolverine review here).


Box Office: Pacific Rim trounced by Adam Sandler and the deer-piss crew

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Good thing we had more important news to worry about this weekend than movie numbers, because those were pretty disheartening.


Weekend Box Office: The Lone Ranger Bombed and No One Liked It

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Jerry Bruckheimer's bloated turd of a Lone Ranger movie tanked this weekend while Despicable Me 2 won the day, which is crazy, because from everything I've read about children, they just adore adaptations of semi-racist radio serials from the 30s.


Weekend Box Office: Melissa McCarthy over C-Tates?! Oh hell naw!

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We all know that Sir Channing of the House Tatum is a box office titan, the hardest twerkin' man in show business, but after this weekend he may have to call a Pop and Locksmith because White House Down got trounced by The Heat.


Box Office: Monsters U Scores Pixar's 14th Number 1 In a Row

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Most of the reviews seem to suggest Monsters University wasn't one of Pixar's best, but in terms of DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ$™, its $82 million take was good enough to be Pixar's second best of all time, behind Toy Story 3's $110 million opening in 2010.


Box Office: Man of Steel breaks record for June openings

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Man of Steel (our review here) grossed $113 million for the weekend (plus another $12 million from Thursday night sales), good enough for second best of the year behind Iron Man 3, and setting the record for June releases ahead of Toy Story 3's $110.


Box Office: ‘The Purge’ earned 12 times its budget this weekend, Internship bombs

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I don't pretend to understand the appeal of horror movies, but at this point it seems clear that horror fans are the most enthusiastic and least discerning of all moviegoers, which coincidentally are the exact qualities I'm looking for in a woman.


Box Office: After Earth lost to a magician movie

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The results are in, and Will Smith's midas touch was no match for M.


Box Office: Young chicks hate Star Trek

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I sat next to a fidgety gay couple at my screening of Star Trek, but I thought it was just because I lived in San Francisco.


Box Office: Gatsby earns $50 mil as Tyler Perry’s latest bombs. Horseman of apocalypse throws shoe?

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This statement has a lot of caveats, but we'll ignore them for now because it's a fun story: this weekend, a film adaptation of the great American novel earned more than $50 million on the same weekend a Tyler Perry-produced romantic comedy earned less than $5 million.


$175 million: Iron Man has the second-highest opening weekend ever

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Laremy jumped off to a commanding lead in this year's Fantasy Summer Box Office contest, as his first pick Iron Man 3 hand rocketed its way to a $175.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter tanks as Schadenfreude Summer Continues

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In a summer that has already seen delicious, disastrous bombs for Battleship, Adam Sandler's latest movie, and Rock of Ages, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter grossed just $16.


Box Office: Clown Wigs over Giant Heads

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No matter what you think about Prometheus (I mostly enjoyed it, but I'm definitely not going to defend it), you have to give Fox credit for at least releasing it with an R-rating.


Cat Ladies Ruin Everything: Snow White & the Huntsman Made $56m

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Illustrating yet again the American public's endless appetite for overwrought, psuedo-goth nonsense, Snow White and the Huntsman earned a whopping $56 million over the weekend.


Box Office: Men in Black Doesnt Flop, Moonrise Kingdom breaks scarf record

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In one of the most shocking stories of the summer, Men in Black 3 was NOT a humongous bomb.


Battleship Opens Worse Than John Carter

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I like to pretend that I'm smart and that I can predict what people are going to do, but of course I can't, and almost every day shows me new ways that I can still be surprised by people's stupidity.

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