First Listen: Black Milk & Danny Brown’s “Black And Brown EP”

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A couple of Detroit's finest musicians got <a href="">color coordinated</a> on Black Milk's Album of the Year, and when ni@@s done started something, you know they have to finish.


The Backbeat: Fat Beats Pop-Up Shop Launch In Brooklyn

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<a href=""> <a href="">The Backbeat</a> is a new web series crafted by photojournalist <a href="">Erin Edwards</a> and presented here at TSS.


Kooley High – “All Day” Video

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<a href=""> Get up in the morning, pour the coffee, put on the headphones. Press play. <a href="">Kooley High's</a> "All Day" comes bumping through.


Bishop Lamont Feat. Diverse & Dave NY – “U Ain’t Fresh” Video

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This post should be prefaced with the fact we've long been supporters of <a href="">Bishop Lamont</a> and that remains the same.

Fat Beats Records

“365” – Review Of Black Milk’s Album Of The Year

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<a href=""> The significance of making a definite statement outside of the music has become just as important as the music itself. So when word circulated in the infant stages of 2010 that Black Milk's fourth album was to be named Album of the Year, there was a collective gasp amongst Hip-Hoppers everywhere. Gutsy call for a first down play. But for an artist such as Black Milk, whose credibility stems from placing art over image, the overall meaning tends to be more than meets the eye. As it does. The 313 spokesman vividly recounts his "steering wheel to the new album of his career," marked by a fiscal year full of death and sickness on the exultant opener "365." Great adversity tends to fork the road between unfocused and champion sound but thankfully, Black Milk opts for the latter path to fuel the focus for much of Album of the Year. Despite making significant improvements in his rapping ability since his career began, the production remains Black Milk's biggest bargaining chip. Sweeping crescendos, crashing symbols and oscillated bass all season the instrumentals for distinct flavoring in Black's gumbo pot. The obligatory female record in "Oh Girl" takes a hold a new guise as a hypnotic jam session, fully equipped with a call and response hook and sonorous drum work. Delving in the realm of craftiness as well as the commercial is a rare yet valued trait and "<a href="">Welcome (Gotta Go)</a>" accomplishes much of the same as well.


“Any Man” – Review Of Eternia & Moss’ At Last

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<a href=""> For every Hip-Hop luminary that masters the genre and provides hit after critical, popular hit, there are bottom-feeder rappers who could fill silos with their respective clichés. White, female, auto-tone—these are just a few of the labels that have been designated as career-killing scarlet letters that inevitably create more acrimony than ascension for the MCs who embody them. However, there are the rare exceptions that personify one—if not several—of these categories and rise well above the lowest rung of rap’s food chain. Silk-Anne Semiramis Dawn Craig Kaya, or more commonly known as <a href="">Eternia</a>, is White, female and Canadian—but she has also released one of the best and emotionally laced underground Hip-Hop albums of 2010 with her latest project, At Last.

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions

TSS Presents Smoking Sessions With Eternia & MoSS

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Considering the renewed interest in the female rapper, you'd think Eternia & MoSS would shove their advantageous disposition in the faces of all who passed by.


The Kill Devil Hills Have Eyes

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<a href=""> DJ Muggs & Ill Bill are back with <a href="">another</a> televisionary reminder for their upcoming terrordome byproduct in Kill Devil Hills.


Fat Beats No More

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<a href=""> When I visited New York City, I wanted to see Yankee Stadium, Times Square, and one place in particular perched near the top of my wish list; <a href="">Fat Beats</a>.


And The Winner Of The Distant Relatives Giveaway Is…

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<a href=""> After a record number of entries, we're proud to announce that Brett H. of Columbus, OH. won the Distant Relatives t-shirt & CD. Brett, report to the front desk and pick up your prizes. Thanks to each and every one of you who entered. The more entries, the better the prizes will be. Support appreciated. Big respect due to <a href="">Burn Rubber</a> and <a href="">Fat Beats</a> for holding us down.


Last Call To Enter The Distant Relatives Giveway


<a href=""> We'll be announcing the winner tomorrow but we're still accepting the entries from procrastinators today. Free gear and a CD? Even Nas & Damien are giving you a look, asking what you're waiting for? <a href="Burn Rubber x Fat Beats x Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD">Click here</a> to enter the Burn Rubber x Fat Beats x Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD giveaway.


Eternia & MoSS Feat. Termanology & Reef The Lost Cauze – “At Last” Video

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<a href=""> If the hipsters hated their moniker, then K.Flay, <a href="">Kellee Maize</a> and now Eternia, are going to absolutely despise the phrase "White girl rap.


Reminder: Enter To Win The Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD

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<a href=""> This limited edition Distant Relatives tee taken off our backs and handed directly over to one winner and we'll kick in a CD copy of the album to boot. All you have to do is enter. So, what are you waiting for? Enter: <a href="">Burn Rubber x Fat Beats x Distant Relatives T-Shirt & CD</a>.


DJ Evil Dee – Fat Beats

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"Evil Dee is on the mix.


5.18 The Cooler

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Muy Bueno Mondays Jaslina Vega Going To A Drake Concert Will Get You Shot In The Ass [TRU] Half Of Richest African-Americans Linked To Sport [SbS] Girls With Flexibility [Gunaxin] Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Ms. Pacman’ [Sneaker Obsession] Video: Tanya Morgan At Fat Beats [Rock [...].


“Enter The 37th Chamber…”

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It looks like my joy from the weekend has carried over into Monday.


“Til I’m Charged, Then Writing In My Book of Rhymes…”

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<a title="Untitled: The Lyric Book by MZ - TSS, on Flickr" href=""> ... All the words past the margin." Before I go any further don't ever use Media Mail to get something shipped to you. I ordered the <a href="">CD</a> & book on the 23rd of July and got it on Tuesday.

There's Only One

“As Told To” – Buff1?s Fave Five

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Stay out in the scene long enough and some artists are going to stick in your life like spaghetti on a wall.

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