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2012 RECAP

Never Forget Fat Betty: 20 TV GIFs That Defined 2012

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A collection of the best TV GIFs of 2012, including selections from "Community," "Game of Thrones," "Breaking Bad," and many more.


Fat Betty, Peggy, And Slimy Pete Will All Stick Around For Two More Years Of ‘Mad Men’

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Three of Matthew Weiner's principal players will return for what is expected to be the last two seasons of <i>Mad Men</i>, plus a status update on Christina Hendricks contract.


A GIF Tribute to the Ladies of 'Mad Men'

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Haha, remember when season five of “Mad Men” began with those jerks dropping water balloons on the black picketers on the street below.

fat betty draper

January Jones Has Not Enjoyed The Whole 'Fat Betty' Thing Nearly As Much As The Internet Has

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It's <a href="">no secret</a> that one of our favorite aspects of this season of Mad Men has been January Jones' Betty character being reduced to an occasionally appearing blob-fish -- and the internet at large has <a href="">joined us in delight over this</a>.


January Jones’s Worst Audition Involves Prince, Jerry Bruckheimer, and ‘Coyote Ugly’

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The Hollywood Reporter recently brought together potential Emmy 2012 nominees Claire Danes, Mireille Enos, January Jones, Julianna Margulies, Emmy Rossum, and Kyra Sedgwick to discuss their processes, career inspirations, and worst auditions.


Important Fat Betty News

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In an attempt to increase her odds of taking home an Emmy, "Mad Men's" January Jones has chosen to submit herself in the best supporting actress category instead of battling it out for best lead actress.


Dogs That Look Like 'Mad Men' Characters

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I hope you folks like television discussions.

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