The Golden Age Of Television Is Making Us All Fat, Says Science

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A new study says people tend to eat more during engaging, quality programming.


Charles Barkley Would Cross The Street If He Saw A San Antonio Fan

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Charles Barkley's blood feud with the people of San Antonio continues. He will "beat they ass" if they say anything to him.


Discovery Channel Ordered A Reality Show Called … Wait For It … ‘Fat N’ Furious’

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A network best known for airing science things is about to start running a show about fat people racing cars. Things in the television world are going great.

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Here's The 2-Year Old Fat Barbie Photoshop That Has People Freaking Out On Facebook

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People are heated after this photoshop contest winner of an obese Barbie doll was misused by a plus-sized modeling website for clickbait.

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Lay’s Will Begin Selling Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips Next Week

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For the snack aficionado who just can't get fat fast enough.


Meet The BBW Who Eats 5,000 Calories Every Day To Become An Internet Sex Symbol

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Tammy Jung wants to double her weight to 400 pounds, so she can become an Internet sex symbol.


In Celebration Of Fat Guys Who Are Great At Soccer

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This heavyset gentleman who looks like he was filmed with a toaster is Andrew Cassidy, aka "Fat Guy Has Amazing Football Skills.


With Leather Formally Asks You To Vote ‘Fat Brewers Fan’ For MLB Fan Cave 2013

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Here's the contest: The MLB Fan Cave 2013 contest has been narrowed down to 50 finalists.


Nathan From The Nike Commercial Finally Speaks Out… And Just In Time

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From the earliest planning stages of the 2012 Summer Olympics, one of the (surprisingly and needlessly) biggest stories was about the involvement of McDonald’s with the fast food chain’s creation of its largest store yet, right in the heart of London’s Olympic Village.


This Week In YouTube Commenter Outrage Vol. 2: Nike’s ‘Find Your Greatness’ Commercial

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I’d be hard-pressed to argue with anyone who claims that Nike consistently produces the best TV commercials.


If You Bash Kate Upton To Draw Attention To Your Website, Beware The Internet's Rage

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I have a confession, and you may want to take a seat, because this is going to blow your minds.


Exploding Bubbles And Morning Links


The best part is that a guy who can create exploding chemistry bombs is getting bossed around by his wife.


Introducing Chun Chun, The Largest Baby Ever Born In China!

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Normally when a woman gives birth in China, it isn’t big news since it would take 600 networks running around the clock to cover that kind of procreation.


Dover International Speedway Widens Seats To Make Room For AMERICA

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Whenever I get low on The American Spirit, I can always count on Fark and the fine men and other men of ESPN NASCAR to dip said spirit in flour, deep fry it and shove it down my throat.


Maybe Next Time Don’t Become The Fattest Man In The World

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If ever there was an argument against universal health care, perhaps it’s the story of Paul Mason, a British man who currently weighs in at approximately 420-pounds.


Fat Guy In A Little Chair

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Terrell Brown Breaks Chair - For more funny movies, click here Via Guyism comes the funniest and saddest thing you'll see all over the Internet today: Your blooper of College Football Saturday comes courtesy of 6’10″ 377-lb Terrell Brown, who, apparently is not aware of how big he is.


History’s Most Depressing Video Of Two Fat Guys Fighting To The Death

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Imagine, if only for a moment, a fantasy situation wherein an evil witch or wicked stepmother casts a spell on two gluttonous, hyper-masculine men and turns them into pigs.


Haley Joel Osment Looks… Healthy

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We haven’t heard much from Haley Joel Osment since his DUI arrest when he was 18, and it seemed like maybe we had lost the innocence that first graced our lives in Forrest Gump and later as a little boy with AIDS in “Walker, Texas Ranger.


The World’s Fattest Mom Has Given Up

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Two weeks ago, I brought you the incredibly brave story of Susanne Eman, an Arizona woman who is not only a Guinness World Record holder, but is also aspiring to be so much better at what she is famous for.

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Morning Links: The Next Big Thing

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With Leather Brock Lesnar Murdering Things - I learned to love him as Paul Heyman's cocky frat supermonster, I learned to love him as a faux-Minnesota Viking and now I must learn to love him again as a guy who systematically does everything I don't like.

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