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Lay’s Will Begin Selling Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips Next Week

By | 11 Comments

For the snack aficionado who just can't get fat fast enough.


A North Dakota Woman Will Give Out Papers Telling Kids That They’re Obese For Halloween

By | 19 Comments

An unnamed North Dakota woman will hand out notes to kids that she deems fat in lieu of giving them candy for Halloween.


Meet The Virus That Saves You From Diabetes… By Making You Fatter

By | 4 Comments

OK, so you'll be the size of a parade float, but parts of your body will not be rotting off and you won't go blind. So fair trade.


The Ultimate ‘Fat People Breaking Stuff’ Compilation


The funniest clips of overweight people accidentally destroying things, all in one video.


What’s So Wrong With Being Obese?

By | 3 Comments

Fast food restaurants throughout Britain could be the target of a new Fat Tax in 2012 that would charge the owners £1,000 before they open to the public as part of a new program that would create awareness of childhood obesity.

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