Young Buck



After <a href="">reading of Scooby's death</a>, a friend from outside Nashville asked why the 101 The Beat DJ's passing affected so many.

Stix Izza

Stix Izza – “Her Story” (Prod. By Fate Eastwood)


<a href="">Stix</a> and <a href="">Fate Eastwood</a> are together again as usually, prepping the release of the upcoming mixtape Eternity, which is currently slated to release in March.

The Architect

Fate Eastwood – The Architect Mixtape


Consider this a business card in a.

The Highway 2 Mars

Stix Izza – “Killer Instinct” Video


<a href="">Stix Izza</a> delivers the Rayzate-created visual for "Killer Instinct," the fourth track from Stix & producer Fate Eastwood's Highway 2 Mars mixtape to receive Ray's magic touch.

Stix Izza

Stix Izza Feat. Dee Goodz & Brit – “Run” (Prod. By Fate Eastwood)

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Every rapper has a life full of experiences at the ready to share and here three key Nashville emcees - Stix, Dee and newcomer Brit - each take a turn using their storytelling skills and flair for the melodramatic over the Fate Eastwood-produced track, titled "Run.

The Highway 2 Mars

Stix Izza – “Atrium” Video

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<a href="">Stix</a> and <a href="">Rayzate</a> create rap cinema using a the Fate Eastwood-produced track "Atrium" and broad who's gone psychotic to co-star in the video.

Stix Izza

Stix Izza – “Transparency”

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<a href="">Stix Izza</a> and <a href="">Fate Eastwood</a> working together in near perfect harmony once again for "Transparency," which finds the Nashvegas MC cutting the grass so the snakes will show.

The Highway 2 Mars

Stix Izza – “Highway 2 Mars” Video

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I spent part of my evening watching a film I've been waiting several months to see in full, <a href="">Stix Izza's</a> Building The Highway 2 Mars produced by Rayzate.

Young Rell

Stix Izza Feat. Young Rell – “Know By Now”

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At least once or twice a week, <a href="">Stix'</a> Mars.

The Highway 2 Mars

Stix Izza – “This Way”

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"This Way" serves as a complimentary piece to the <a href="">previous movie trailer</a>, revealing more of the pieces that make the man and artist.

Zate Entertainment

Stix Izza – “Building The Highway 2 Mars” Trailer

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<a href=""> How often have we heard artists recite the cliché "My album is going to be like a movie, dog"? At this point, it's safe to deposit the phrase into the bag of catchwords to avoid, dulled and devalued by overuse. It's also part of the reason Nashville artist <a href="">Stix</a> partnered with <a href="">Zate Entertainment</a> to help tell his story - and the story of producer Fate Eastwood - to the world at large in full-fledged, theatrical documentary as a complimentary piece to his next drop, The Highway 2 Mars.

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