Lookin’ Good, Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis is lookin' good in this old picture Scout Willis tweeted for Father's Day.


No Father’s Day Is Complete Without This Maury Povich Show Dance Compilation

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Celebrate fathers everywhere with this hilarious dance compilation that features men overreacting with joy to paternity tests on 'Maury.'

Motorcycle Jump

Celebrate Father’s Day The Right Way By Watching This Manly Airplane Jump With Your Dad


Celebrate some quality time with the old man with this manly, awesome motorcycle jump.


#EndFathersDay Is The 4Chan Joke That Turned Into Typical Twitter Outrage

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What started as a 4Chan prank on Twitter, #EndFathersDay turned into something new for random strangers to fight over.


Bill Tull's Fourth of July Budget Tips


The famously cheap propmaster wants you to celebrate America's independence -- from expensive party items.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Stay At Home Dad”

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis send up a Father's Day tune in honor of a different kind of pops with their track "Stay At Home Dad," which originally appeared on their The VS. Redux and now being given away for free in honor of today's holiday.


Chris Rock, Father’s Day & The Big Piece Of Chicken

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Father's Day was the one holiday of the year I never really gave much of a damn about.


“Who’s Yo Daddy?” Rap Battle


Just in time for Father's Day, two proud sons engage in an entertaining rap battle.


The Miami Marlins Are Giving Out Fedoras For Father’s Day

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On Sunday, most people will take a break from their typical weekend fodder of getting blackout drunk and screaming, “Sunday Funday.


Mayer Hawthorne – “Reach Out Richard”

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As hyped as fans are for a season's worth of anticipated releases, I'm willing to bet not half of them will stack up to Mayer Hawthorne's Where Does This Door Go.

#jimmy fallon

Late Night Hashtags: #DadQuotes


Jimmy Fallon started the #DadQuotes hashtag on Twitter (as part of his Late Night Hashtags segment) and it was a trending topic within 20 minutes.


Bill Tull’s Father’s Day Budget Tips


Conan’s insanely cheap propmaster reveals ways to save some money on Mother’s Day.


The Worst Movie Dads Ever


Just in time for Father's Day, here's a supercut of the worst dads in cinematic history.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: A Thousand Words About The Artist We Call C-Tates

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With choices ranging from The Artist to Bikini Spring Break, there's plenty to discuss about this week's new DVDs.


Ronan Farrow (AKA Woody Allen's Son) Won Father's Day On Twitter


If the name Ronan Farrow (yes, that's him at an after party with Kate Upton and Aziz Ansari) doesn't ring a bell you should check out his Wikipedia page.


Yelawolf – “Happy Father’s Day”

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We've already established that dads don't get their full credit and even the one day dedicated to them gets slighted.


With Spandex Episode 5: Father's Day Fan Fiction Special

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When you find out why the banana split is there, you'll wish it was something else.

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