FatKidsBrotha – “Discreet” Video

Two-9's global takeover continues.

Two 9

FatKidsBrotha Ft. Key!, Snubnose Frankenstein & Curtis Williams – “Last Two Orgy” Video

Two-9 is well represented in FatKidsBrotha's "Last Two Orgy," and we're more than okay with that because we can't get enough of this crew.

Two 9

FatKidsBrotha – “BANG”


With a song named "BANG," it's only appropriate that "Salute me bitch I'm great" are the first words we hear.


FatKidsBrotha Feat. Snubnose Franklin – “NWA” Video

Right when you think that you've identified everyone of the illustrious and vast Two9 army, nope, a group named FatKidsBrotha with allegiance to the double digit crew releases their video for "NWA.

Wavy Wallace

Two-9 – Two-9 Forever Mixtape


Atlanta is like one of those volcanoes that erupts on the daily, constantly spitting out fresh, groundbreaking music that tends to eventually shift the sound of mainstream music.

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