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Tubby Smoker Objects to Pot Smoke

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Today in hard-hitting local news: Denver's NBC affiliate explored the case of Tom Schanaman (pictured), a man who requested a smoking room at a Sleep Inn but was bothered by the pervasive smell of marijuana smoke.


Russell Crowe is preparing for a roll

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A few years ago, Russell Crowe took an Australian reporter on a brutal, 12-mile bike ride to punish her for writing an article making fun of him for eating three tacos and smoking cigarettes after working out with his personal trainer.


This Kid Is Huge In Jersey

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Videos of overweight people showing irrational happiness are always fun to pass around, and that's exactly why I've never made a sex tape.

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Disgusting Supercut: Guy Fieri Eating

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Here's a supercut of Food Network haircut and TGI Friday's spokesman Guy Fieri stuffing his face with sandwiches and grunting like Kevin James doing animal impressions.

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Ten-Minute Behind the Scenes Preview of ‘Game of Thrones’

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After keeping pictures and video of "Game of Thrones" largely under wraps since production started, HBO has released this 10-minute behind-the-scenes look at the TV-ization of George R.


Like ‘Sex and the City’, But a Reality Show. With Fat Chicks.

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VH1 is presently casting for a reality series that will follow plus-sized party girls in Los Angeles.


‘Illegal Buttocks Injections With Bathtub Caulking’

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the local news story of the year: a New Jersey woman has been charged with practicing medicine without a license after she gave several women illegal buttocks injections with bathtub caulk.


Shut Up, Bristol

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Bristol Palin really does it all: she became a single teen mom and encouraged other girls to abstain from sex, then she clomped around on her fat hooves and failed her way up into the finals of "Dancing with the Stars" solely because her mother is one of the most divisive people in America.


What’s on Tonight: Fatties Infiltrate the Marine Corps

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The Biggest Loser (NBC) -- Tonight the final eleven contestants go to Camp Pendleton, the Marine base between Los Angeles and San Diego.


Andy Rooney Is Going on a Diet

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Andy Rooney caught wind of the report that claims three-fourths of Americans will be obese by the year 2020, and he had something to say about it.


British Teen Catfight!

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I'm sorry about that headline.


Sumo Fatties Using iPads As Phones

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With the recent announcement that Apple would be developing a 7-inch version of the iPad, I couldn’t help but wonder two things:1) Isn’t that just an iPhone.


Suggs to Cookies: Nom Nom Nom

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Terrell Suggs didn't play up to his usual standards last season, and while some of the blame should rightfully fall upon an injury plagued season, a lot has to do with the LB packing on a few too many lbs.


Italy Crowns Newest Miss Chubby

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While a beauty pageant is hardly a sport, it is indeed a competition and every so often a pageant comes along that deserves some extra attention.


Fat Guy Photobombs British News

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The disheveled, heavyset fellow you see in the background is Paul Yarrow, a 38-year-old caretaker from South London who showed up in at least 20 different newscasts over the last few months (watch a compilation of his newsbombing below).


VH1’s Fat People Reality Show

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Pretend VH1 wanted to make its own version of "The Biggest Loser" produced by the same people responsible for "Rock of Love.


I Thought Fat People Were Supposed to Be Jolly

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A heavyset woman in her dim hovel reacts to the announcement of the "American Idol" as her shirtless husband looks on.


New Reality Show: Teens at Fat Camp

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The Style Network has greenlit a show called "Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back" that will chronicle the lives of teenagers at fat camp.

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