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‘Guardians Of Peace’ Is Now Trolling The FBI Over Their Investigation Into The Sony Hacks

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The GOP hackers behind the Sony Pictures hack are now trolling the FBI over claims that North Korea is behind the cyber attack.


ICP Lost Their Lawsuit And Juggalos Are Officially Gang Members Now

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There's nothing wrong with the FBI calling Juggalos a gang, according to some wack-ass federal judge who probably doesn't know his momma's ass from Lake Hepatitis.


Surely Nothing Will Go Wrong With The FBI’s Facial Recognition Database

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The FBI will have a facial recognition database up this summer. Surely nothing will go wrong!


Insane Clown Posse Is Defending Juggalos Everywhere By Suing The FBI


Juggalos vs. the Federal Bureau of Investigation: who you got?


The FBI Can Watch You Through Your Laptop’s Webcam

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Got a webcam? The FBI can spy on you. Yes, they've probably seen you do "that." And probably "that" as well.


The FBI Has Released Chilling Security Cam Footage Of The DC Navy Yard Shooter

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Don't watch this if video of a man preparing to hunt down some of his fellow human beings might freak you out.


The FBI's Crappy Databases Might Be Screwing You Out Of A Job

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The FBI's criminal database turns out to be roughly as accurate as flipping a coin. And employers consulted it nearly 17 million times last year.


'Harry Potter' Superfan Wanted By The FBI After Threatening The Webmaster Tattooed On Her Thigh


The FBI is looking into the whereabouts of a "Harry Potter" superfan who has been sending murderous messages to a Potter webmaster.

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The FBI Admits It's Been Using Drones, Won't Tell Anyone What For

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Oh, good, the FBI has drones. Because government agencies using flying robots for possibly unchecked surveillance is in no way a bad thing.


KKK Member Arrested In Terror Plot Involving Radiation Death Ray

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A man claiming to be a member of the KKK was arrested for his alleged terror plot that would have targeted Muslims with a portable radiation death ray.

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The FBI Is Looking For Jimmy Hoffa Again

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A tipster told the FBI that he believes Jimmy Hoffa was buried beneath a barn in a field in Michigan, and agents began surveying the area this morning.


Verizon Has Been Handing Over Records Of Every Call To The FBI

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Verizon and the FBI have always been snuggly, but all the data? For every call? Really?


Tupac’s Godmother Is The First Woman Ever Added To The FBI’s Most-Wanted Terrorists List


Joanne Chesimard, Tupac's godmother/aunt, has been added to the FBI's Most-Wanted list, the first woman ever to have that distinction.


FBI Agent Unnecessarily Climbs Fence


Even heroes have embarrassing moments now and again.

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The FBI’s Files On Juggalos Reveal How Little The FBI Knows About Juggalos

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The FBI files on Insane Clown Posse and their "gang," Juggalos, have been released, and they reveal the stupidity of the FBI's case.

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That Insane Clown Posse Suing The FBI Thing Is Actually Happening


Insane Clown Posse is going through with their plans to sock it to the man, a.k.a. sue the FBI, for classifying Juggalos as a gang.

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The FBI’s Face Recognition Project Isn’t Scary

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The FBI has to build a computer system that works as advertised. Yeah, they don't have a great track record with that.


Of Course The FBI Has Your iPhone’s Unique Identifier

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Apple gave away your UDID. Of course the FBI has it. They also probably have your Facebook. Isn't modern society fun?

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