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The iPod Shuffle – Jazmine Sullivan’s “In Love With Another Man”

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<a href="" target="_blank">Jazmine Sullivan</a> has plenty of songs in her catalog more than capable of planting the fear of God in any man.


The Blues

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<a href=""> The R&B love ballad no longer exists, or at least that's what I've heard countless times over the past few years. Not disagreeing with the idea but even more has been lost over time. While the rhythm has remained, the genre kissed the blues goodbye. Artists sing songs dedicated to the dance and party. They engage in whirlwind affairs that culminate in rounds of champagne and sex, never to be forgotten. And that's where the story seemingly ends as the participants move on to the next one. But anyone who has loved knows that's rarely the case. Should you happen to find yourself in a relationship, days are never that crystal clear and carefree. The story's chapters read more like emotional, mentally-draining dramas than harlequin novels. There are arguments where things better left unsaid are flung, filled with remorse no sooner than leaving the tongue. Late night arguments carry over into cold shoulders the morning after. Bad decisions from one night creating baggage that affect all involved for a lifetime, leaving scars. That's where the music helps to by filling in the gaps, helping to heal and cope while clearing the path for learning and growth. All isn't completely lost. There are still a few artists still singing the comforting blues. Artists like <a href="">Jazmine Sullivan</a> and songs like "After The Hurricane," a tumultuous four minutes where she employees her full voice to describe a relationship turned hollow.

Jazmine Sullivan


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A few weeks ago, TC wrote about <a href="">the decline of the R&B album</a>.

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