The Best Punk Films Of All Time: The Definitive Ranking

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In honor of Martin Scorsese announcing he wants to make a Ramones biopic, Alison Stevenson ranks her all-time favorite punk rock movies, which are of course objectively correct.


In Honor Of Hollywood’s Bible Boner, Here Are The 5 Most Unbearable Biblical Epics

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With 'Noah' out, 'Exodus' in production, and Hollywood's Bible boner at full mast, Heather takes a look at the five most unbearable Biblical epics.


‘There’s Probably Semen On That': 3 Days At The AVNs

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I traveled to the Oscars of porn to ask the question, how does an industry that's in an acknowledged decline treat its most self-congratulatory ceremony?


Why April Fool's Day Is The Worst Day Of The Year

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April Fool's Day sucks, and it's becoming obsolete as every day turns into April Fool's Day.


Some Words About ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ Which Turns 10 Years Old This Week

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Eternal Sunshine turns 10 years old this week, and I tried to remember what was so great about it.


‘Captain Phillips’ And The Problem With ‘Based On A True Story’

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Oscars week feature: When a movie purports to depict real events, doesn't it owe us some insight into those events?


Stream It Highbrow: 7 Ways To Watch All The Sex With None Of The Shame This Valentine’s Day

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Let's face it, you're probably going to watch a sexy movie this Valentine's Day. Heather helps you keep it classy with only the highest brow sex titles.


Why ‘The Hobbit’ Shows Us It’s Time To Let Trilogies Go

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This week marks a rare achievement for Hollywood; instead of spending two hours on a three-hundred page book, they're going to turn it into a nearly nine-hour movie trilogy, with The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug taking up theaters this week.


What 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Can Learn From 'Arrow'

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The Marvel cinematic universe could stand to take some cues from 'Arrow' and how it reinvents the DCU.


We Can Write This: 8 Free Movie Pitches for Hollywood

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Here are eight dumb movie pitches, including ones for rom-coms, shoot-em-ups, kids movies, and a remake of a classic. You are very welcome.


Gathering of the Juggalos Tour Diary Part 3

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Here's part three of my Gathering of the Juggalos tour diary, about our journey into the dark heart of most peculiar Americana.

#video games

Why ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Will Be The Best GTA Yet

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'Grand Theft Auto V' will be the best game in the entire franchise. Here's why.

#Kick Ass 2

‘Kick-Ass’ And Four Other Adaptations Better Than Their Sources

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'Kick-Ass' is a movie better than the comic it's based on... and it's not alone.


Happy Anniversary, Jason Goes to Hell! Reliving A Tragically Overlooked Masterpiece

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Twenty years ago todayish (okay, Tuesday), Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday was released in theaters.


Gathering of the Juggalos Tour Diary: Day Two

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I'll have some shorter pieces and a gallery with some of our professionally-shot photos coming, but in the meantime, here's my account of day two.


Gathering of the Juggalos Tour Diary: Day One

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[Note: I wrote this while I was at The Gathering of the Juggalos over the weekend, but I couldn't post it until now, because internet access was spotty at the Gathering, where we stayed the entire time.


Dear Hollywood: War Veterans Aren’t Here to Kill You. (Guest Column)

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You might not remember it, and I only barely did, but a while back, the trailer hit for an indie-ish sci-fi film called Black Rock, directed by Katie Aselton of The League and co-written by Mark Duplass.

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