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Samsung Is In On The Apple Jokes With These New ‘It Doesn’t Take A Genius’ Ads

By | 13 Comments

In six new YouTube clips, Samsung takes shots at Apple's latest product announcements by calling them unoriginal.

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Linkin Park And Chvrches Are At War!

By | 38 Comments

After Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda took a shot at Chvrches back in April, the Scottish synth-pop group has responded in kind.


The Greatest Art Motivated By Rivalries

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Some art is inspired by a divine hand. And some is created solely to stick it to somebody.


Don Henley Would Still Like ‘Arrogant’ Frank Ocean To Get Off His Lawn

By | 19 Comments

Don Henley is still holding a serious grudge against Frank Ocean over the sampling of 'Hotel California' for the single 'American Wedding.'

#jack white

Jack White Issues An Explanation And Apology For All The Black Keys Trash Talk

By | 14 Comments

Jack White finally comes out and offers and apology and an explanation for why he said all those things about The Black Keys.

#jack white

Jack White Continues His War On The Black Keys While Adding Adele To His Enemies List

By | 25 Comments

Jack White still hates The Black Keys with a passion, but now he's adding Adele to his list.

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Piers Morgan Snaps, Unleashes Bitchy Twitter Rant Aimed At ‘Poisonous Twerp’ Larry King

By | 18 Comments

Piers Morgan has had enough of Larry King's meddling. This much is obvious.

#Justin Bieber

Matt Lauer Asked Seth Rogen About Justin Bieber And Rogen Continued To Be The Voice Of Reason

By | 13 Comments

The Seth Rogen-Justin Bieber "feud" is going to become played out sooner rather than later, so let's enjoy it while we can.

#bill murray

About That Time Bill Murray Tried To Kill Martin Mull For Talking During A Live Performance

By | 13 Comments

Don't talk when Bill Murray is performing live on-stage. Martin Mull learned this lesson the hard way.


Hollywood Feuds We’re Glad Were Put To Rest

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Bitter enemies can bury the hatchet, even in Hollywood.


Eddie Money Has Entered The Danger Zone By Expressing Hatred For Kenny Loggins

By | 11 Comments

It turns out Eddie Money isn't a big fan of Kenny Loggins. Did you hear that, Lana? Lana? LAAANAAAA!!


This Won’t End Well: Arianny Celeste Criticized Ronda Rousey As A Role Model

By | 22 Comments

Hell hath no fury like a ring girl scorned, as Arianny Celeste recently had some harsh words for UFC champ Ronda Rousey.


Tony Stewart Thinks Danica Patrick Should Put A Checkered Flag In Richard Petty’s Butt


While it wouldn't really settle much, Tony Stewart suggested that Danica Patrick beat Richard Petty in a race and 'cram a checkered flag up his butt.'


James Dolan May Have Banned Woody Allen From The Knicks’ VIP Lounge

By | 7 Comments

A recent report claims that Knicks owner James Dolan may have banned Woody Allen from the VIP lounge at Madison Square Garden because of some TV promos.

#Kanye West

Zappos.com Vs. Kanye West Is The ‘Sh*ttiest’ Feud Of All-Time


Oh good, Kanye West is feuding with an online shoe store.


Ken Shamrock Still Thinks That Dana White Should Have To Pay Him $175,000

By | 6 Comments

While Dana White colorfully reminded everyone that Ken Shamrock owes him $175,000, Ken said that Dana should have to pay him that money.


‘Parks And Rec’ Writer Harris Wittels Will Not Hesitate To Call You A C*nt

By | 34 Comments

Parks and Rec writer Harris Wittels didn't like something Defamer wrote about him. She he unleashed a c-word tidal wave on them.


Budweiser Is Calling Shenanigans On Coors’ ‘World’s Most Refreshing Can’ Claim

By | 10 Comments

Budweiser filed a complaint that Coors' claim to have the "world's most refreshing can" is inaccurate, while Coors claims it's advertising "puffery."

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