NBA, FIBA To Extend Global Reach By Hosting Development Camp In Cuba

The NBA is extending its global reach even farther. Taking advantage of the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba, the league and FIBA announced today that they will host a joint development camp in Havana from April 23-26.

Team USA Basketball

How Paul George’s Injury Could Change Team USA Basketball Forever


Paul George's has far-reaching implications that impact both the NBA and Team USA.


Video: The Pole Who Brought Down The Dunk Contest House

Rafal Lipinski of Poland has been spending his summer dunking over small groups of people and props all over the world, a trip he closed with a victory at the Nike/FIBA 3-on-3 dunk contest finale in Miami recently.


Video: The Best Dunk Contest You Didn’t Know About

The FIBA world 3-on-3 championships didn't get a lot of publicity in its inaugural run.


The Potential Rules For A 3-On-3 Olympic Basketball Tournament

As we touched on the other day, FIBA is hoping to get three-on-three basketball in the 2016 Summer Olympics.


The Best New Format For Basketball In The 2016 Olympics

If we all watched the same Olympics over the past month - including the qualifying games - then we all saw the United States dominate nearly every country outside of Spain in the gold medal game.


The 2016 Olympics Might Include 3-On-3 Basketball

Now that the Olympics are over, and USA Basketball has added gold medals for both the women's and men's National Teams to their already overflowing trophy case, they have four more years to retool and prepare for Rio in 2016.


FIBA’s Top 10 Plays Of The Week

Those complaining that NBA free agency is the only avenue to fill their hoops fix this summer haven't been paying attention.


Video: Puerto Rico Makes The Shot, Just Misses The Buzzer From Deep

There's room for just three teams left in the London 2012 Olympics, and the spots are being decided at the World Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Venezuela this week (the final is Sunday).


Hot Spots: NBA Rules That Could Change The Game


If you're Leon Washington, Brad Smith, Devin Hester or any other NFL kick returner, you've probably been fuming for a while.


Basketball Is Universal


This next clip depicts either the universal language of basketball or the total uselessness of TV announcers in sports.


Rick Pitino To Coach Puerto Rican National Team


How many Italian restaurants are in Puerto Rico.

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