The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Field Mob’s “All I Know”

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Social commentary delivered in a Southern twang courtesy of Shawn Jay and Smoke plus a stirring chorus and verse from Cee-Lo.


T-Pain – prEVOLVEr The Mixtape

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<a href=""> The other day I had an interesting conversation that sort of "revolved" around <a href="">T-Pain</a> being a has-been and serving no relevance what so ever.

T Wayne

T-Wayne (Lil Wayne & T-Pain) Feat. Smoke – “Hoes & Ladies”

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As much as I'd like to say <a href="">T-Wayne's </a>"Hoes & Ladies" grabbed my attention because of the song's sense of humor, breezy beat or maybe for giving one of the <a href="">Field Mob</a> dudes something to be thankful for this week, my real reasoning is far less complimentary.


The iPod Shuffle – “Dead In Your Chevy”

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Circa '97-98, the Georgia duo's ode to dealing with those who came up short on profit or product.

Underground Platinum

“The Georgia Dirt…” – Shawn Jay’s Underground Platinum and Chevy P’s Grandmomma Tried

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These two dudes go unheralded & almost confused because of some of their more pop confections (See: "<a href="">Sick Of Being Lonely</a>" and "<a href="">So What</a>" with cousin <a href="">Ciara</a>).

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