Juicy J – “Countin’ Faces” Video

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Blue Dream & Lean continues to be resuscitated each time <a href="">Juicy J</a> liberates another one of his videos.


Juicy J – “Drugged Up” x “This B*tch By My Side” Videos

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Had <a href="">the O.G. Juiceman</a> been making his solo rounds when D.


Video: Yelawolf – “No Hands” (Warped Tour Edition)

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Life on the road can be very dentrimental to some, but when you're glowing with that highly hazardous antimatter known as talent, it just adds fuel to your toxicity.

Smoke Sum'n Bitch 2

Big Homie Doe – “Celebration” Video


<a href=""> The Chi breeds more gangstas than the population could ever hope to control so the best thing is just to step aside and watch how the G's conduct their business. <a href="">Big Homie Doe</a> wakes up in his crib amongst common household items such as cereal, hollow tips, window cleaner, steam irons and silencers with laser beams that can cut through lead.

Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti Feat. Zed Zilla – “It’s On” Video

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<a href=""> Live From The Kitchen is never coming out but everyday is White Friday when Yo Gotti is in the city. And what better city to flood the streets with packaged goods than our nation's capital? Prowling the American streets in luxury Italian automobiles has the King of Memphis feeling mighty presidential these days and Figvrati Films is on location to document the entire ordeal. Gotti's O's are still on wholesale for <a href="">an unbeatable price</a>.

Travis Porter

Travis Porter – “I Put On A Show” Video

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<a href=""> Travis Porter doesn't get a lot of coverage around these parts because by the time we decipher if it's him them or actually Roscoe Dash we're dealing with, the end result amounts to nothing but a day wasted. But when I saw a few father-failings actually rock the birthday suit when <a href="">he they performed</a> "Get Naked" in public a few months back (<a href="">twice</a> actually), the power he they had over young hussies was revealed onto me.

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