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The Co-Founder Of The Pirate Bay Has Been Arrested In Sweden

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Peter Sunde,The co-founder of file sharing site The Pirate Bay, has been arrested in Sweden.


New Music Survey: Heavy Pirates Tend To Buy More Music

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Music piracy is apparently self-enforced advertising.


NPR Intern Ignites Internet Firestorm over Music. Again.

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<a href=""></a>Emily White is an intern at NPR <a href="">who recently wrote a blog post</a> admitting that she owns 11,000 songs but has only bought 15 CDs in her entire life.

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File Sharing Is No Longer Necessarily Stealing, According to The Government


Most people probably barely noticed when Sergey Aleynikov was arrested for downloading Goldman Sachs' proprietary software and sentenced to eight years in jail.


Porn Might Not Be Able To Be Copyrighted

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We've mentioned before about how porn producers <a href="">are engaged in legally sanctioned extortion</a> and <a href="">freak out whenever they have to argue a case in court</a>.


Neil Gaiman on Piracy: “It’s people lending books.”


Back in 2008, Harper Collins and Neil Gaiman put his book American Gods up for free browsing for a month, which Gaiman <a href="">wrote about</a> on his website at the time to answer critics who said the promotion would hurt book sales.


Why Are Fans File Sharing?

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<a href=""> In a previous entry, Kyle Bylin wrote about four reasons music fans participate in file-sharing and how they could be changed. In his latest entry, he picks the topic back up, discussing four more reasons why fans share files and why <a href="">those dynamics can't be changed</a>.

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