Wednesday Dunk Battle: Griffin Vs. James Vs. Faried Vs. Fire Guy Vs. Sea Otter

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This week, the Wednesday Dunk Battle goes high concept -- what, scientifically speaking, constitutes the "best slam dunk.


The High School Basketball Fire Dunk, Another Great Idea From Florida

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When I was in high school, our basketball games and assemblies began with our principal delivering a dry speech about school spirit and sportsmanship, followed by our sub-par cheerleaders making vague "woo" gestures while a bunch of gangly jerks tried to dribble from the entrance to center-court without losing it or hurting themselves.


Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun


Incredible footage of a powerful solar flare exploding on the sun, sending out light and radiation followed by a dazzling phenomenon known as coronal rain.


Using an Aerosol Can to Repair a Monster Truck Tire


This is a horrible idea and you should never try it at home.


Fireman Knocked Down Ladder by Massive Chunk of Snow


A fireman in Siberia was attempting to rescue a toddler from a burning building when a large chunk of snow fell off the roof and knocked him halfway down the ladder.


Barrel Explosion Party


It's all fun and games until the barrels come down.


The Worst Thing To Happen To Hot Air Balloons Since Alvin & The Chipmunks

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I don't know what's going on in Myanmar, and I don't know why they have something called a Fire Balloon Festival, but apparently it involves setting up a hot air balloon, then f**king it up so spectacularly that it descends in a ball of fire and sets off a bunch of fireworks, killing everyone.


Russian Soccer Fans Celebrate A Win By Trying To Kill Everybody With Fire

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It's getting harder and harder to shock you with violent soccer stories.


God still trying to kill Tyler Perry

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For the second time in four months, Tyler Perry's studio in Atlanta is on fire.


Maybe Next Time, Juan Pablo Montoya

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After a 36-hour delay and what felt like 36 caution flags, Matt Kenseth was finally declared the winner of the 2012 Daytona 500 after he held off the feisty Dale Earnhardt, Jr.


What Happens When You Light Something On Fire In Space?


We could say that we're posting this video because this was done for a noble, scientific mission.


Lobster Dog Has A New Nemesis (and Links)


The Greatest Child Halloween Costumes That Will Ever Show Up At Your Door |UPROXX| Frotcast 71: Spielberg, Voice Mails, Rum Diary, More Seagal or Porn Star |Film Drunk| “When Rappers Get Day Jobs”: J-Zone Explains What Happens After Rap |Smoking Section| The 10 Best Vicious Football Hits You’ll See This Week: Kids Edition.


Two Fiery New Captain America Clips


Captain America: The First Avenger opened today and we have a couple more clips with even more fire than the Hydra base and killing Red Skull's faceless minions along the way.


Thanks to Fire, Soccer is Now Even More Dangerous

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The headline "soccer fans throw firecracker at soccer player" would seem pretty normal at this point.


What Do You Get A Gorilla For His Birthday?


Walk like a man A gorilla who became internet famous when videos of him walking upright went viral on YouTube was given presents to celebrate his 21st birthday this week.


Jay Cutler Isn’t Very Popular

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As Chicago Bears fans and even current NFL players have ripped QB Jay Cutler for having no heart in the Bears’ 21-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship, it has been revealed that J-Cutty actually tore sprained his MCL yesterday and that's why he couldn't return to the game.

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