Watch This Firefighter’s Buddies Scare Him With A Year’s Worth Of Pranks

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We feel a little bit bad for this firefighter whose lifespan was probably shortened in the making of this video.


Here’s Proof That Detroit Firefighters Are Using A Soda Can As A Fire Alarm

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Soda cans, doorbells and other improvised systems are alerting Detroit firefighters when they have a fire to handle.

let it go

Firefighters Calm Four-Year-Old Girl By Singing ‘Let It Go’ During Rescue

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Further proof that Frozen is the answer to all of the world's problems.


Lazy Russian Firemen Remove Cat From Tree


Sure, these Russian firefighters will get your cat out of a tree.


Firefighter Assembles Terrifying/Awesome Supercut Of Helmet Footage


Here's pretty much the only supercut you'll ever need to watch. Ever.


Lorenzo Alexander Fights Fire With Fire (edit: Water)


Believe it or not, some football stars are using their NFL Lockout prep-time constructively instead of trolling people on Twitter or boxing Kimbo Slice.


Are You Ready For The Olympics*?

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*This isn't really about the Olympics.


Carl Pavano’s Mustache Is A Loser

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Back in October, the American Mustache Institute announced its list of the 19 finalists for the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year, and now you can breathe again because a winner has been chosen.

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