This Is What The Aftermath Of A Two Alarm Fire In Sub-Freezing Temperatures Looks Like

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A raging fire broke out in West Philadelphia this morning in freezing temps and pictures of the aftermath are incredible.

iphone 6

An Arizona Man’s iPhone 6 ‘Exploded’ In His Pocket And Set His Pants On Fire

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After a bumpy rickshaw ride, an Arizona man's iPhone 6 caught fire in his pocket, burning a hole in his pants leg and leaving him wounded.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

The London Fire Brigade Has A Message For World Cup Fans – Don’t Drink And Cook


London's firefighters would like soccer fans to avoid burning their houses down by getting takeout and not cooking while they're drunk.

local news

Watch A House Explode Into A Giant Fireball On Live TV

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A scary moment in New Hampshire was captured on live TV.


A Texas Firefighter Used Beer To Put Out A Blaze


Beer: is there anything it can't do?


Musician Blood Orange Lost Everything (Including His Puppy) In A Devastating House Fire

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Help Blood Orange rebuild his life after a horrible house fire took everything.


Fire Department Identifies Culprit In California House Fire: A Really Shiny Dog Bowl

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A California couple had to call 911 after a beam of sunlight reflected off their dog's shiny water bowl and starting burning the side of their house.


Nooo! Winnebago Man’s cabin burned down

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If you've seen the documentary about the Winnebago Man, Winnebago Man, you may remember that Jack "The Winnebago Man" Rebney is nearly blind from glaucoma and has been living alone in a cabin with his dog near Redding in Northern California for the past few years.



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Actor Christopher Lloyd, most (only.

Nick Nolte


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Nick Nolte narrowly escaped a fire that caused $1.

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