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The ‘First Kiss’ Director Got Strangers To Undress Each Other For ‘Masters Of Sex’

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The director of the "First Kiss" viral video is back with a new film titled "Undress Me" as part of the lead-up to Season 2 of "Masters of Sex."


The Latest ‘First Kiss’ Parody, ‘First Sh*t’ Is Both Funny And Horrifying

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Funny Or Die's First Kiss Parody, First Sh*t, just put an end to the First Kiss parodies.

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Check Out Jimmy Fallon’s Ultra Adorable ‘First Kiss’ Parody: ‘First Lick’


This makes two parodies of 'First Kiss' featuring cute pets today, but 'The Tonight Show' knows we're not picky on the Internet.


Frotcast 194: True Detective Finale And #FreakOnALeashContest

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The FilmDrunk Frotcast talks True Detective and does dueling Korn impression. Tweet your favorite to #FreakOnALeashContest.


‘First Sniff’ Is The Only ‘First Kiss’ Parody Video That Will Ever Need To Be Made

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We knew that 'First Kiss' was going to be ripe for parody, but this 'First Sniff' video is going to be the best of them all.

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Watch This Sweet, Beautiful Film Of Strangers Jerking Each Other Off For The First Time

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If you liked the First Kiss video, and then get ready to have your socks blown off by two strangers giving each other handjobs for the first time!

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Who Wants To Watch A Bunch Of Beautiful Strangers Make Out?

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Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva directed this short film titled First Kiss, the premise of which is simple: "We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time...."

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