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Next Up In ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s ‘Mandatory Fun’ Party Is ‘First World Problems’


The sixth music video from 'Weird Al' Yankovic's 'Mandatory Fun' is 'First World Problems,' poking fun at what whiny a-holes we all are.


This Newspaper Sheriff’s Report Is The Ultimate First World Problem


The most 2014 thing to be published in a newspaper yet.


Intel Solves A First World Problem By Standardizing USB Ports. Again.


Intel adorably thinks it can fix the current USB problem. With a new port. Yeah, that'll solve the problem!


‘Scuffgate’ Actually Manages To Make Apple Fanboys And Fangirls Seem Even More Insufferable, If You Can Believe That


"Scuffgate", because we've literally run out of anything important to whine about as a society.


Meme Watch: '1890s Problems' Ain't Your Grandpappy's Meme, But It Is Your Great-Grandpappy's

Last week we had '1990s Problems'. This week we have '1890s Problems' to remind us that things could have been much, much worse.


Meme Watch: Crying Dawson Presents First World Problems From The '90s


The 1990s nostalgia train continues, except instead of reminiscing about our collective past we're going to re-live our collective whininess in the form of a blubbering James Van Der Beek.


A Third of Netflix's New Subscribers Are Former Customers

Hey, remember when there was all that righteous vengeance and furious anger last year over Netflix clumsily trying to dump a part of its business that had become a massive liability.


Meme Watch: First World Dogs Need To Lick These Problems

A couple months ago First World Problems Cat introduced us to the daily injustices of being a pampered house cat.


Meme Watch: First World Problems Cat Has Nine Hard Knock Lives

First World Problems Cat knows the daily injustices of being a house cat. This sad white cat is just never grateful. This sad white cat is all of us.


Meme Watch: First World Problems Finally Have A Macro, One First World Problem Solved


I've been wanting to do a meme watch on first world problems for a while but whatever internet governing body decides on which macros to adopt for which memes hadn't assigned one and it's just been a bunch of sub Reddit entries and unoriginal hashtagged tweets without the perfect image to bring the whole thing home and I've been left growling and shaking my fist at the most meta first world problem of all.

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PSN Coming Back This Week?

As most PS3 owners know, because 360 owners won't stop gloating about it, the PlayStation Network is still down, thus bringing sadness to all the griefers and that thirteen-year-old who swears every third word because he thinks it makes him edgy and inspires gamers to new heights of team-killing.

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