Letterman’s Mom Had A Stroke, And Other Bits From His First Post-Show Interview


In his first interview since leaving CBS, the talk show veteran talks about everything from retirement to racing. Don't worry, mom's fine.


These Guys Caught An 820-Pound Shark Off The Jersey Shore


Five men from the Philadelphia area pulled in a monster over the weekend.


Meet The Fisherman Who Learned Not To Mess With Sea Lions


Nature is beautiful, but it's also full of murderous sea lions.


This Is What Happens When You Shoot Fireworks Underneath Lake Ice


These young Swede were bored, near a frozen lake, and had access to fireworks. They decided to combine all three to see what would happen.

Puns On The March

Here’s A Playful Look At A Patient Cat Fishing For Another Cat

Two cats. One fishing pole. Grab the video camera and throw the pride out the window!

viral video

The Ultimate Fishing Fails Compilation

The funniest, wettest, and post painful fishing fails, all in one video.


Adorable Baby Dolphin Saved From Plastic Bag

Fishermen free a baby dolphin stuck from a plastic bag, and are rewarded with an adorable gesture.

the ocean

This Week In ‘Oops, I Fell Out Of The Boat': When Big Game Fishing Goes Wrong

While on a chartered big game fishing trip, the prized catch got loose and caused a little chaos on the boat.

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Sneaky Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish Out Of Fisherman's Hands

A crafty sea lion comes out of nowhere to steal a fisherman's prized catch.


Guy Catches Fish With His Hair

Jake Seeland uses his own hair to catch a fish.


Dog Catches Giant Fish

Stripe the golden retriever/boxer mix catches a fish that's almost as big as he is.


350-Pound Blue Marlin Launches Itself Onto Fishing Boat

A 350-pound blue marlin jumps onto a boat in the Dominican Republic, nearly impaling the fishermen onboard.


Russian Fish Catches Russian Fisherman

A Russian fisherman gets his hand caught in the mouth of a cranky monkfish, and he and his shipmates are tasked with prying it loose.


Drowning Whale Saved by Brave Fisherman

Adrian Colaprete dives into the ocean to within feet of a drowning northern right whale -- an endangered species -- and cuts it free from fishing rope with a knife, capturing everything using a head-cam.


Old Guy Catches Rainbow Trout With His Bare Hands

Who needs a boat or a fishing pole when you have this guy around.


Reel Or Fake? Watch A 6-Year Old Kid Haul In A 100-Pound Tarpon


A 6-year old boy is becoming an Internet star after video was posted of him catching and reeling in a 100-pound tarpon almost entirely on his own.


Killer Whale Steals Fish Off Line

A couple of fishermen are caught by surprise when an orca comes out of nowhere to snag their halibut.

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