Check Out This Woman’s Utterly Fascinating Pull-Up Routine

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You'll feel both weak and empowered after watching this woman's routine.


This Runner Who Uses Nike+ To Draw Dicks While She Runs Is Our New Athletic Hero

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Running is stupid and hard, so this girl found a way to make is fun.


The Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation Wants You To GO GO GO PUSH IT PUSH IT

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Here's the Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation, four minutes of fitnesses badasses hurting themselves, destroying equipment and PUSHING IT.


You Can Hack Your Fitbit To Pause Netflix If You Fall Asleep And Here’s How To Do It


America: Because using a fitness device for fitness is a fools game.


Oly Twerk Is Probably The Worst Video About Twerking Weightlifters You’ll Watch Today


Witness OLY TWERK, today's best video about weightlifters twerking. If you've seen the twerking dog, you sorta know what to expect.


Finally, An Undershirt For The Self-Conscious Bro Who Is Too Lazy To Hit The Gym

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If you want people to think you have muscles but don't want to go to the gym, then the Funkybod undershirt is the lazy clothing for you.


The Popular Bodybuilding Supplement ‘Craze’ Is Actually A ‘Close Cousin Of Meth’

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According to a new study, the bodybuilding supplement Craze has an ingredient that closely resembles methamphetamine.


Your New Crush: Bikini Fitness Model Lone Noras (And The Morning Links)

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Lone Norås (aka Lone Noras, if you don't want to copy-paste the weird A) is an 18-year old bikini fitness model from Norway and your new crush.


Nick Jonas Is Making Us All Look Bad

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Former teen heart throb and current 20-year old heart throb Nick Jonas posted an impressive shirtless selfie to his Instagram account.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Stopped Into A Reddit Fitness Thread To Scold Bickering Redditors

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After a Redditor posted a link to a blog on his website about cardio, Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up to put an end to an argument between commenters.

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If You’re Not Doing The ‘Prancercise’ Fitness Workout, You’re Not Exercising Right

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The future of exercise is a 1989 workout tape for '"Prancercise." Yes, prancing is involved.


People vs. Fitness


The best (most painful) clips of people hurting themselves while working out, all in one video.


Tails Of Success: Fifi Bottomley Is The World’s Greatest Fitness Story


With so much global attention being focused on the promotion of both healthy bodies and body image acceptance, it’s sometimes nice to see stories about people who have taken up weight loss challenges and followed through.


The 2012 Vladivostok Bikini Fitness Open Looks Like An Important Event

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I don’t know much about the Russian city of Vladivostok other than it is the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean, and I only know that because I found this cool site that has a ton of information on anything you can think of.

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At Long Last, The Bon Iver Workout Video Is Here


At some point surely you've looked at Bon Iver/Justin Vernon on stage and wondered, "How does he get that body.


This Is How You Hire A Fitness Assistant

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As someone who is naturally chiseled and often compared to most Greek gods (not like you, Fatasseus), I understand how seriously some people are about a proper fitness regimen.


Behold The Gentleman With Magic Pecs

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More from the world of athletic BANG.

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I'm getting sick of my PlayStation 2, but I haven't been able to choose between getting a Wii or an Xbox 360.

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