Roy Hibbert’s Gangnam Style Flash Mob, Because Indiana Is Boring


If you read "Roy Hibbert's Gangnam Style Flash Mob" and got excited, this is the best video you will ever see.


Summit Will Not Remove Gas Mask Scene From ‘Step Up: Revolution’

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Step Up: Revolution is changing the way we look at movies about people who dance to save the rec center by focusing on saving an entire city.

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This 9 Year-Old Boy And His Cardboard Box Arcade Will Astound And Inspire You

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While eating lunch today I watched this video featuring 9-year-old Caine Monroy, who designed and built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his father's LA auto parts store.


What’s The Best Way To Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson?

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The obvious answer is to gather with 500 of your friends and dance like nobody's watching in a MJ-themed flash mob.


Great, It’s Another Flash Mob

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On Monday, the Kansas Jayhawks whooped the stripes off the Missouri Tigers to the tune of 103-86.


4.20 The Cooler

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