Watch the Best Single Leg Takedown Defense EVER

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If somebody grabs you by the leg, try to do this. If somebody tries to FLYING SQUIRREL you, try to do this. Best single leg defense ever.


The Longboard Trick To End All Longboard Tricks Involves Four People, Two Boards, Insanity

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Check out this great longboard trick involving a front flip, four people, two boards and a scoop of pure insanity.


Good Morning, Here’s A Guy Pulling Off A Scooter Front Flip


Football started back up, but the most important thing you missed this weekend is this guy doing a scooter front flip.


Prankster Arrested For Jumping Over Cop


Is it illegal to film yourself jumping over a police officer.


High School RB Goes Full Jerome Simpson

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This clip, courtesy of Cameron Smith over at Prep Rally, features a high school running back getting flipped, landing on his feet and running it on for a touchdown.


Soccer Medic Does Flips


While attending to injured players in some random soccer game in Brazil, this diminutive little medic does flips and puts on a show as the people hurt writhe in (arguable) pain.

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