Watch Rajon Rondo Drop Lance Stephenson With A Nasty Elbow To The Face

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Bad Boys, Bad Boys! Rajon Rondo walloped Lance Stephenson with an elbow.


Weekend Box Office: ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Bombs. Hard.

By | 55 Comments

Sin City 2 opened to slightly more than a tenth of the original.


Is This The Saddest Flop In The History Of Organized Soccer?

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Watch one of the most pathetic flops in soccer history, courtesy of a fat man who just received a gentle tap on the shoulder.


Box Office Shocker: America Preferred Heaven To The Singularity On Easter

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A little boy who went to heaven vs. Johnny Depp stuck inside a computer: WHO YA GOT?!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Weekend Box Office: Out of the Furnace and Into the Toilet

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Out of the Furnace earned a paltry $5.3 million while Keanu Reeve's 47 Ronin opened in Japan, earning just $1.3 on a $175 million budget and looking headed for major flop.


The NFL’s Biggest Flops (Compilation)


The most blatant (and hilarious) flops ever recorded during NFL games, all in one video.

the lone ranger

Disney chief: “Tentpoles are great! …Oh, and we lost $190m Lone Ranger.”

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For the last five years or so, the dominant studio strategy for combatting lower attendance and movies' declining entertainment market share has been a focus on bigger movies - the "tentpoles", in industry parlance, "four-quadrant" movies that appeal to every stereotypical member of the stereotypical family, targeting the largest possible audience.

the lone ranger

Disney could lose $190 million on The Lone Ranger

By | 42 Comments

According to reports, Disney lost their shirt and panties on the The Lone Ranger.

#video games

7 Promising Looking Video Games That Are Going To Flop In 2013

By | 79 Comments

These video games look great, but they're not going to sell so great...


The 10 Biggest Bombs of the Year

By | 56 Comments

Forbes just released their list of the year's 10 biggest flops (defining loss here as a percentage of budget, rather than total loss), which you can see below.


The Oogieloves has the worst opening ever

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The Oogieloves in the BIG Balloon Adventure (as if "big" was the word that needed emphasizing in that phrase) narrowly edged out your mom's crotch to become the worst opening of all time this weekend, earning just $445,000 on 2,160 screens.


Battleship Opens Worse Than John Carter

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I like to pretend that I'm smart and that I can predict what people are going to do, but of course I can't, and almost every day shows me new ways that I can still be surprised by people's stupidity.


Avengers averages more per screen than Miley Cyrus' LOL's entire gross

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Even before Miley Cyrus's LOL hit theaters this weekend, people were preparing for a bomb.

john carter

Disney expects to lose $200 million on John Carter – the biggest movie loss ever

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Rumors of what it cost to make an market John Carter ran as high as $350 million.


‘Big Miracle’ flops like whale titties

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You may not have noticed on account of Burnsy being too busy partying at Sony headquarters to do a Weekend Movie Guide post on Friday, but this weekend's new major releases were the found-footage telekinesis film Chronicle, the Daniel Radcliffe horror story The Woman in Black (RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, HE'S DORKY AND BRITISH.


The 15 Biggest Flops of 2011

By | 34 Comments

And now for your daily dose of easy Schadenfreude, the top 15 flops of 2011.


‘The Big Year’ is an epic flop

By | 24 Comments

Crap movies stunk up the box office this weekend, with The Big Year winning the prize for stinkiest.


Renny Harlin says he “begged” not to make Cutthroat Island

By | 17 Comments

Cutthroat Island cost almost $100 million to make, and when it came out in 1995, it managed to earn slightly more than $10 million domestically.


Average Audience for Bucky Larson Screenings Was 8 People

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Steven Soderbergh's Contagion led all others at the box office over the weekend, knocking off The Help for the first time in three weeks, proving that the only thing America loves more than a hot white chick curing racism (THAT MAID'S CHANGIN' YER LAAHFE) is watching Gwyneth Paltrow succumb to a mysterious disease (check out the new goop.

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