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Watch Florence Welch Melt Hearts Covering ‘Times Like These’ In Honor Of Dave Grohl


Watch Florence Welch melt hearts covering "Times Like These" in honor of Dave Grohl.


Florence + The Machine Secure Their First Billboard No. 1 Album

It's a piece of good news for a band that hasn't had much lately.

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Florence Welch Battled With Alcohol Abuse Before Making Florence And The Machine’s New Album


The powerful leader of Florence and The Machine opened up about facing her demons to make her new record, 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.'

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BBC Music Pulled Off The Most Ridiculous, Star-Studded Cover Of ‘God Only Knows’


For the launch of BBC Music and in support of Children in Need, 27 music stars headlined an amazing cover of 'God Only Knows.'

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Florence Welch Got Drunk And Sang ‘Get Lucky’ At A Party Because She’s The Best


The lovely Florence Welch belted out an impressively intoxicated version of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" during Sourberry's Summer Party.


A$AP Rocky Ft. Florence Welch – “I Come Apart”


As one of the few people alive who's been holding out for the hard copy of A$AP Rocky's uber-hyped debut, I'm hoping the album doesn't sound like this bonus cut featuring Florence Welch.

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Florence + the Machine's 'Spectrum' Video Is A Colorful Circus

Say what you want about Florence + the Machine, the band fronted by the enchanting Florence Welch does not skimp on their music videos, which are virtually all imaginative and elaborate.

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Florence And The Machine's Video For 'Breath Of Life' Will Make You Want To Sing

I have to admit, prior to seeing Florence and the Machine's video for "Breath Of Life" embedded below, I don't think I was aware of the existence of a Snow White & The Huntsman movie.

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Florence And The Machine Performed 'No Light, No Light' On Letterman Last Night

On of my few regrets about Jazz Fest 2012 is that I didn't make it out to the Fairgrounds last Thursday to see Florence and the Machine perform.


Florence And The Machine Kind Of Killed On SNL

As I noted on Friday, Florence Welch, she of Florence and the Machine fame, is a goddamn force of nature.

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Florence + the Machine’s ‘No Light, No Light’ Video Is Way Above Average

Let's just get this out of the way and be perfectly clear about it: Florence Welch is a goddamn force of nature.

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