Florida Gulf Coast Apologized To The Florida Gators For Their Super Mean Chant


Part of the charm of the mostly unknown Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles becoming the first No.


NCAA Fast Break: No. 8 MSU Routs No. 4 Michigan, Florida Runs Past Kentucky, Nerlens Noel Injured

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ESPN's Jason King recently gave the Big 10 a gushing review stating: "Coaches every season say there are no easy games in conference play, but in this year’s Big Ten, it’s actually true.


With Leather’s Watch This: ‘Could The Florida Gators Beat The Orlando Magic?’

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Every year, some poor, lazy, bored journalist’s soul dies a little more as its hands slap feverishly at a keyboard to produce several hundred words and a Mad Lib title like: “Could the (successful NCAA football or basketball team) defeat the (down-on-its-luck NFL or NBA franchise.


With Leather’s Watch This: Sugar Sugar, Ah Honey Honey


After spending the better part of the last 48 hours on my couch playing Final Fantasy III on my iPad and watching college football, I’m ready to get back to my daily grind of slouching in my office desk while watching movies on my iPad.


Tennessee Fan Sings "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" After Loss


A Tennessee fan pays for losing a bet (thanks to his team's loss to Florida over the weekend) by singing Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" on camera.


Vols? More Like Lols, Am I Right


This horrifying, screaming fat guy in orange face paint singing on YouTube because he lost a college football bet thanks God because he doesn't own the rights to Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'.


Faces Of Misery: Tennessee Still Can't Beat The Florida Gators

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Saturday’s college football action presumably left very few people wanting more, because I can’t remember a day that was filled with so many exciting games and delightful upsets.


With Leather’s Watch This: Football, Football, Volleyball Butts, And NFL Football

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We’ve got a big weekend ahead of us, boys and one girl who reads this site, and while I unfortunately can’t highlight everything, I can help you pick out what will be worth your while.


The With Leather March Madness Dummy's Guide To Watching The Sweet 16

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As I most often point out as to avoid being called a hack – my feelings get hurt easy, y'all – I do not profess to be a sports expert, like ol' Dick Vitale up there.


ROFLMNBAO: The NCAA Tournament Edition!

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With Brandon out gallivanting around Austin for SXSW, living the rock star life, and me back here at home watching the baby, I realized that I forgot to do a ROFLMNBAO post last week, and for that I can’t apologize enough.


Move Over, Ashley Judd

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For far too long, actress Ashley Judd has been the face of University of Kentucky men’s basketball fanfare, as the UK alum is often seen celebrating courtside or cheering with the student body during big games at Rupp Arena.


Urban Meyer Has Ruined A Child’s Life

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I've often joked that the Florida Gators and their fans were the nouveau riche of college football, having a long history of being the distant 3rd in Florida's "Big 3" until only recently coming into success and fame.


Report: Urban Meyer Denies Having Bladder, Pisses All Over The Place

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Remember when we cared so much about the Ohio State White Elephant Gift Exchange Scandal that tattoo parlor operators were being sent to jail and players were getting suspended by the NFL for things they might've done in college.


People Actually Buy Channing Crowder Jerseys?


While the NFL Lockout continues, players are still forced to look elsewhere for around-the-clock attention, so it was no surprise that Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder returned to his South Florida radio show the other day.


You Deserve A Statue Of Tim Tebow

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While the NFL owners and players may or may not be nearing a deal that could give the players a 48% cut of total revenue, it’s good to know that some football fans still have the opportunity to spend their money wisely.


Not Pictured: Doodoo

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It shouldn't be surprising that a guy with a name like a terrible Game Boy game (Ja'Juan Story) would say something shocking and hilarious in an interview, but here we are, being a little surprised.


The Time-Traveler’s Erin Andrews

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University of Florida basketball standout Chandler Parsons has already been named the 2011 SEC Player of the Year, but today he's going for a much bigger prize: King of the Internet.


Urban Meyer’s Daughter is Hot and Breaking News

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Urban Meyer's foxy volleyball daughter Nicki has lashed out at her own smart phone over talk that her famous father is headed to Columbus take over as head football coach at Ohio State.


Tim Tebow Is A Coach Killer

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Tim Tebow has played for two head coaches since 2006.


College Football Fans Love Rap Music

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve got multiple restraining orders against Victoria’s Secret models and you vaguely remember watching ESPN’s “Dream Job” reality series, which lasted three seasons.

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