A Florida Man Almost Burned Down An ICU Ward With The Most Florida Christmas Present Of Them All

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Smuggling crack to your friend in an ICU ward and then setting his bed on fire is certainly not the gift that keeps on giving.

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This Florida Reporter Simply Doesn’t Have Time To Deal With Captain Hornblaster

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A masked man who calls himself Captain Hornblaster videobombed a Tampa reporter's election coverage and she wasn't fazed.


A Florida Chili’s Fired A Shirtless Cook For Trying To Launch ‘Sexy Cooks Of Chili’s’

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An effort to create the 'Sexy Cooks of Chili's' movement on Facebook backfired when a man's shirtless photos cost him his job.


A 450-Pound Florida Man Was Arrested For Hiding Drugs In His Fat Rolls

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It's the "Jake and the Fatman" remake you've been waiting for!


A Walter White Lookalike Is Robbing Banks In Florida, Because Florida

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A 'Breaking Bad' themed bank robber is terrorizing Florida. That's hard to do.


Florida Man Fakes A Break-In So He Could Skip Going To His Crappy Job


Instead of going to work, a Florida man staged a break-in of his own house. Sounds like too much work.


Florida Friday: Hazmat team called after naked man spills formaldehyde he was dunking his weed in

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As I've said many times, it's not a Florida party until the Haz Mat team shows up, and it sounds like a Florida man was partying pret-tay hard recently when he crashed his car and spilled his formaldehyde.

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Robert Downey Jr Is The Worst Superhero (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring Robert Downey Jr. as the world's worst superhero, amazing life hacks Tony Stark would approve of, and a silly cat.


Florida Man, The World's Worst Superhero, Is Now On Twitter

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A viral photo from Reddit is now a single-serving Twitter account aggregating news about the many failures of "Florida Man," the worst superhero.

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