Watch Jameis Winston Get RKO’d From Outta Nowhere In Today’s Best Explanation For That Rose Bowl Fumble

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Jameis Winston and FSU lost the Rose Bowl in tremendous fashion, and here's Randy Orton to explain why.

school shooting

Here’s The Scary Moment Florida State Students Were Told Of A Gunman Inside The Library

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A gunman was killed after wounding three people on the Florida State campus early Thursday morning.


Here Are Five College Football Games You Need To Watch This Weekend


Kick up your feet and relax, watch these 5 college football games today.


Here Are The 5 College Football Games You Need To Watch Today

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the soft opening for conference play has some intriguing match-ups.


Jameis Winston Has Been Suspended For Half-A-Game For His ‘F*%k Her Right In The P*$sy’ Stunt

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Why did Jameis Winston get suspended for the first half of the Clemson game. Well, because he's an immature kid, that's why.


Cop: Nike Air Diamond Turf II ‘FSU’

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The national champion 'Noles get a killer shoe.


The Internet Responded Very Quickly To The News That Jameis Winston Shoplifted Crab Legs

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It didn't take long at all for the photoshops to start piling up when it was revealed that Jameis Winston was cited for stealing crab legs.


Jameis Winston Won The National Title (Again) During A Florida State Baseball Rain Delay

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FSU quarterback (and relief pitcher) Jameis Winston recreated his game-winning play from the BCS title game during a Florida State baseball rain delay.


The Mom Of A Recruit Won’t Sign His Letter Of Intent Because She Hates Michigan State

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Mailk McDowell is a 5-star football recruit who wants to go to Michigan State, but his mom won't sign his letter of intent.


Allow Charmin’s Social Media Department To Sum Up The BCS Championship Game

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With two humorous Tweets, the people behind Charmin's Twitter feed perfectly summed up the excitement of the BCS Championship Game.


Jameis Winston May Have Shattered All Of Our Funny Bones Reading This Letterman Top 10

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Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston went on Late Show with David Letterman to read a top 10 list about huddling.


Florida State, Auburn Headline 2013-2014 College Football Bowl Schedule

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The full slate of college football bowl games. Plan your life accordingly.

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