A Naked Florida Woman Wreaked Havoc By Climbing Onto A Car In The Middle Of Traffic

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We're sure this woman had a perfectly good explanation for climbing onto cars naked in traffic.


Watch This Florida Woman Try To Induce Labor By Doing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Dance


A 9-months pregnant woman turned to The King of Pop in an effort to dance her way into labor.

#Pro Wrestling

A Florida Wedding Planner Is Fighting To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples And Her Name Explains Everything

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Stories about anti-gay activism become really entertaining when the person shares a name with not one, but two WWE stars.


A Florida Woman Tried To Fight The Cops With A Blood Alcohol Level Of .413

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In yet another case of "classic Florida," a Florida woman got into the altercation with the cops with a BAC level of .413.


A 7-Year Old Florida Boy Told On His Mom For Having A Meth Lab In Her Trunk

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A Florida woman was arrested after her 7-year old son told her landlord about the bag of meth-cooking equipment in her trunk.


Watch This Extremely High Florida Woman Pull A Houdini To Eat A Whole Bag Of Weed

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After she was arrested on charges of DUI and drug possession, a Florida woman escaped her cuffs so she could eat her bag of marijuana.


Now We Know Why The Topless Woman In Florida Destroyed That McDonald’s, And Oral Sex Is Involved, Naturally

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We finally get an answer to the question we've all been asking: why did the topless woman in a thong destroy that McDonald's in Florida?


Watch A Topless Woman In A Thong Go On A Rampage Inside A McDonald’s, Then Stop To Chug Ice Cream

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A topless woman destroying a McDonald's in Florida is the most Florida footage ever.

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