Small Victories

Fly Union – “Don’t Give Me A Reason” Video

"I know how Brady felt in the sixth round..."

Small Victories

Fly.Union – “Bandwagon”


Fly.Union drops back on the scene with another track that you and your friends can pregame to.


YOG$ – “Decked Out (2.0)” x “Ba$ics (Jungle Juice)”

Before clicking on the Soundcloud links at the bottom, here are the basics to know about the man who uploaded them, YOG$: he's 19, a freshman at the University of Michigan, his stage name's pronounced "yo, G money" and has worked with guys like Fly.

We Got Now

P. Blackk – Blackk Friday Mixtape


While you were out burning off the Turkey Day calories with a little extravagant shopping, P. Blackk was organizing a community block watch in Blackk Friday, his new militant offering which showcases exclusive production from iYeball of Fly.

The Greater Than Club 2

Fly.Union – “Gone”


I come to you all, bearing good news for all the Fly.Union fans and stans across the land.

The Greater Than Club

Fly.Union – “Don’t Call” Video


Fly.U's Jerreau directs and shoots the latest visual from his group's TGTC (The Greater Than Club) release for the track "Don't Call.


DJ Giovanny x Elev8tor Music Present Summer Jam 614 Mixtape


If you're a Columbus Buckeye such as MZ and I myself, then you should know this Saturday, July 23rd is turning into a clean sweat party with the 3rd annual Summer Jam in conjunction with Icon's Summer Concert Series.

We Got Now

Notable Quotable – P. Blackk On “Look Up To The Sky”


"I got my mind on my money while I'm clocking dough I kill that show then I'm adiós I'm walking the talk that you're talking about Gotta n*gga feeling like the man in the town The n*ggas that was lost, understanding me now Y'all used to hate but you fanning me now Girls that I knew in the past looking past looking back Even when they man be around Annnd That's why I gotta be, that n*gga The n*gga that you try to be Man Before I take off this year, y'all n*ggas better start blogging me Annnd You better acknowledge me Damn fam, 'when they gonna Nah Right me?' Or 2DopeBoyz and Illroots posts, I'ma start so someone got a spot like me N*ggas not like me, and it's not right I'm the only nice n*gga that's not hyped I'm the only ill n*gga that's not hyped I'm the only real n*gga that's not hyped Talking money? I can show you what that's not like I ain't got nothing I just got mics and the heart of a lion and the mind of a giant and these tracks like Tina that I treat like Ike N*gga uh, jam that on the one I gotta be the one, look directly in the sun You might go blind And I'm fitna run The game in a month, and that's when I woke up One." P. Blackk on "Look Up To The Sky" from the album The Greater Than Club Although they say the first impression is supposed to be the best, that generally isn't the case with today's generation of new rappers. Instead of falling in line with what he perceivably was supposed to do, P. Blackk put a little determation in his vocals with the allotted space his brothers from FlyDotU gave to him on their new LP.

Value Pack 6

Fly.Union – “Feels Good” Video


Instead of attempting to be complex, Fly.U's lazily simple mission statement on "Feels Good" goes "Make some music, make some money, find some models for wives," all the while keeping it hammock-cool in the process and marking another fine attempt by the group to sneak their way into listener's consciousness.

The Kid Daytona

The A3C Aftermath


Festival fatigue has lingering effects that last for days and beset even the staunchest of music fans. The consecutive days of blaring bass, constant standing while nodding along to whatever beat's playing, shaking more hands than a stumping politician, the lack of sleep & the consistent blur of it all create a war of attrition that few if any can survive without coming back feeling that perpetual motion feeling that's similar to initial few minutes after having exited a swimming pool. Even days later, my wife yelled to have me assist with a chore and I immediately threw my hands in the air as if she were an emcee dictating what my response should be. But it's all for the good. I came away from A3C with more CDs, business cards, shared experiences and endless gigabytes of photos and video. However, it now all lays aside my desk like a waste treatment plant, staring at and challenging me to attempt to sift through it. Countless items on the to-do list versus an overwhelming inbox, zero video editing skills and another flight out in the morning for a short trip. While we continue to recover, we didn't want to leave you hanging for recap information because there's plenty of it. Of the 200+ artists billed to attend the Festival, rest assured that mine eyes witnessed at least 120 of those acts and that's a whole lot of Hip-Hopping. There were several underdogs and other artists who I'd never heard of but both ended up flooring me with their stage presence. Of course, there were the letdowns too, the ones who had the stage presence of a 2" x 4". Later, we'll get to all that. The Kid Daytona touches the people in many ways. For now, enjoy a few snapshots taken from our Perfect Attendance stage and a variety of video clips collected from inbox. And start saving for SXSW now.

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