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New York City’s Old Homestead Steakhouse Has A $150,000 Super Bowl Meal

By | 4 Comments

Got an extra $150K to spare? Chow down on Old Homestead's extravagant Super Bowl XLVIII meal in New York City this weekend.


Looking For A Super Bowl XLVIII Snack? Try Some ‘Hot Skittles Sausage’

By | 13 Comments

If you're in need of a delicious Super Bowl XLVIII snack, check out this Washington butcher's 'Beast Mode! Hot Skittles Sausage.'


It’s Guy Fieri’s 46th Birthday, So Let’s Look Back On Some Of Mr. Flavortown’s Douchiest Moments

By | 15 Comments

Break out the chili-lime cheese sauce and put on your best pair of Oakleys, because it's Guy Fieri's birthday, brother!


Here’s An Important Reminder To Never Upset The Bakery That’s Making Your Cake

By | 12 Comments

A New Zealand bakery owner became fed up with an indecisive customer and sent her a cake that looked like poop and a note that read: 'Eat sh*t.'


McDonald's Urges Employees To Avoid Eating At McDonald's


McResource Line -- the McDonald's employee resource website -- is a treasure trove of hilarious hypocrisy.


The “Never-Ending Specials” Prank


How long will hungry customers tolerate a waiter reading from a never-ending list of specials.


Tyson Chandler Goes Gluten-Free As The New York Knicks Food Wars Continue

By | 6 Comments

Injured Knicks center Tyson Chandler announced that he was going gluten-free, which I guess constitutes a news story in 2013. He's just like Jay Z!J


Metta World Peace And Kenyon Martin Got Into A Fight About Macaroni And Cheese

By | 26 Comments

Metta World Peace's statement on why he got into a fight with Kenyon Martin about pasta is the greatest sports quote of 2013. Possibly ever.


One Of ‘Always Sunny’s’ Most Ingenious Ideas Will Soon Be A Reality And The Gang Is Getting No Credit

By | 40 Comments

I'm pretty sure we all know who is to thank for bullsh*t business quotes like this showing up in Fast Company.


Horrifying Hygiene Facts


Prepare to abandon the "five second rule" forever.


Lollyphile! Is Back With Sriracha And Bacon Flavored Lollipops For The Holidays


Responsible for some of the most outrageous lollipop flavors imaginable, Lollyphile! has now made a Sriracha and bacon lollipop.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Jon Stewart’s Epic Rant Against Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

By | 124 Comments

The best rant you're guaranteed to see this week thanks to the new "sex and pizza" analogy alone.


Great News, Wealthy Stoners: You Can Now Buy Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Cream


The geniuses at Lick Me, I'm Delicious have combined jellyfish proteins with ice cream to deliver a glow-in-the-dark frozen treat.


Introducing The Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger That Everyone Is Drooling Over

By | 14 Comments

The burger wizards at PYT in Philadelphia have created a deep-fried Twinkies burger that will blow your mind.


Stephen Colbert Scolds Botanists For Creating 'The Craziest F*cking Thing I've Ever Heard'

By | 5 Comments

By grafting together tomato and potato stems to create the TomTato, a group of mad botanists have defied nature -- and angered Stephen Colbert.


There’s No ‘Parks And Recreation’ Tonight So Here’s A Ron Swanson Food-Themed GIF Wall

By | 14 Comments

In which we attempt to keep moral at acceptable levels during this completely unacceptable hiatus.


Bucky Boyd Has Found An Opponent And Doesn’t Know How To Pronounce Defeat

By | 4 Comments

Worst fighter in the world Bucky Boyd has chosen his opponent for Rough N' Rowdy Brawl, and it's the massive, gentle THE BELLY. Here's Bucky eating toys.

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