Watch Kyrie Irving Practice His ‘Acting’ Acceptance Speech In New Foot Locker Spot

Kyrie Irving continued his turn as an "actor," in the newest Foot Locker spot for the Kyrie 1s. Watch his "acceptance speech," for his role.

2015 NBA All Star

10 Off-Court Things To Like About The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend

The 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend has come and gone. While not definitive, we put together some of our favorite observations from the weekend.


Watch Kyrie Irving ‘Acting’ As Ice T’s Dead Witness In This New Foot Locker Ad

Kyrie Irving is in Foot Locker's newest ad, where you can get new Nike Kyrie 1 colorways. He's also taken up "acting," as an Ice T witness.


Stephen Curry Lost A Three-Point Contest To This 10-Year-Old Girl


Steph Curry loses a three-point contest to a fourth grader.

#LeBron James

Westbrook’s “Ready To Fly” Foot Locker Spot Lampoons Commercial Cliches

In this new Foot Locker spot, Russell Westbrook and Jordan Brand team up to poke a little fun at all the high-octane commercials that predominate the market.


Manny Pacquiao Thinks He’s Finally Going To Fight Floyd Mayweather In His New Foot Locker Commercial


Manny Pacquiao's new commercial with Footlocker pokes fun at the potential of a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan Are Really Excited For Foot Locker’s Week Of Greatness

Just how psyched should SneakerHeads be for the "Week Of Greatness.

John Cena

John Cena’s Foot Locker Commercial Defending Fake Sports Is Actually Funny


John Cena makes an appearance in the new Foot Locker Week of Greatness commercial, defending fake sports. Wink wink, nudge nudge.


Wach James Harden Beat The Internet At H-O-R-S-E

Have you ever wanted to challenge an NBA player to a game of H-O-R-S-E.


Watch Foot Locker’s “Be The Baddest” Commercial Starring Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant resonates with basketball fans unlike any other star in the NBA, and it's easy to understand why.

Style Kicks and Gear

Landon Donovan Joins James Harden For Part II Of Foot Locker’s “Short Memories”

It was hard for even the biggest hoop-heads not to get swept up in the mania surrounding the 2014 World Cup.


Landon Donovan Doesn’t Know What He Did This Summer


Did the soccer star one-up Scottie Pippen?

#Chris Paul

Chris Paul Stars In New Kids Foot Locker Ad: “Selfie”

In a new commercial from Foot Locker, Clippers point guard Chris Paul gets spotted by an older fan taking selfies with a group of young Jordan Brand-clad kids on the playground.


Pippen & Barkley Teach James Harden About Short Memory In Foot Locker Ad

Foot Locker rolled out a new ad this off-season featuring Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen attempting teaching James Harden how to have a short memory.


For Young Dante Exum, What You See Is What You Get

LAS VEGAS — If you like the mysterious type, then Australian native and Utah's newest rookie Dante Exum might not be the player for you.

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