Super Bowl Recipe

Super-Sized Foodball Kickoff: Pineapple Blue Burgers, Beer Battered Jalapeños, Hatch Chiles & Much More!


Football is here which means we can go back to eating all the unhealthy food we want without any guilt!

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The Great Chili Super Bowl Recipe Roundup of 2014: 12 New Recipes For Your Super Bowl Party


Enough talking about chili, let's actually make some chili this weekend for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Food

The Great Chili Super Bowl Roundtable of 2014: Everyone in the pot!


I thought it would be fun to have a few friends over to KSK discuss football's other past time. A roundtable of writers and food lovers. People who would passionately talk about beans, chiles, meats and what sort of measurement is a Cool Whip tub of onions.

Super Bowl Recipe

Super Bowl Foodball Recipe: Chicken Fried Bacon Two Ways With Sausage Gravy


A little more than a week from now and it's nothing but stale popcorn and basketball games; sunflower seeds, salads and baseball; hockey and arena nachos that never give you enough cheese. May as well get a slab of bacon, slice it, fry it, dip it in sausage gravy and eat it while the final rays of football's shining light falls upon our faces.

Super Bowl Recipe

According To A Professional Eater, You’re Eating Chicken Wings The Wrong Way


Making a "meat umbrella" may sound silly at first, but watching Crazy Legs demonstrate how to eat wings using this method is a revelation.

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Easy Pot Roast & Gravy Sandwiches


A slow, long build, your patience rewarded with greatness. Something you can start in the morning and have ready to start either the early or the late game, or somewhere in the middle. It's a Sunday of just football, and you're going to need something hearty to get you through it.

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Stop Panicking About The Damn Velveeta Shortage And Make Your Own Delicious Queso


There have been early reports this week of a shortage of Velveeta this Super Bowl season, sending cheesy dip lovers into a small panic.

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Super Bowl Snack Time! Shepherd’s Pie Potato Skins


Playoffs! I don't care that you resolved to lose ten pounds just days ago, it's the playoffs! This is the last time you can eat copious amounts of fat and fried things without regret until next season! I am going to use as many exclamation points as necessary to convey how important snacking is to your life for the next month!!!

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Toasted BLT Bread


It's the last weekend before the New Year diets kick in, so why not spend this last rivalry-filled Sunday of the regular season with as much bacon, cheese and carbs you can possibly eat. Our nerves are going to need them all.

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Foodball: Extra-Extra Pizza Toppings, Ranked


As much as we all love pizza, we cannot help but fiddle with each slice and make it our own pizza. So today, let's take a break from making our own football foods and order a pizza instead.

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Zesty Za’atar White Bean Dip


Sure, anyone can care about the buffet they make for September tailgating and the playoffs, but a true fan still puts in the time to make a dip in the dead of December.

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Smoked Cheddar Jalapeño Crisps


We're coming into the unfortunate part of the football season when two things start happening that cause the average football fan to stop putting their full effort into Sundays; holiday obligations and their favorite team being eliminated from playoff contention. Neither of these things are good excuses for not putting forth at least a little bit of an effort.

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Thanksgiving Scotch Cider


Thanksgiving is a long day of friends, family and football. It's also very, very cold in much of the country right now, so you are going to need a warm drink you can slowly sip as you wait for your Cousin Doug to get the turkey fryer going outside or so help you, you're tailgating in Detroit, Dallas or Baltimore tomorrow.

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Foodball Pre-Thanksgiving: Herbed Cranberry Brie Sandwiches


Since the weekend before Thanksgiving is when a lot of people do practice runs of dishes they're making later in the week, this is a good sandwich for testing out the cranberries, maybe some new seasoning for your dressing, or the bread you plan on baking Thursday morning

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Sweet Ancho Chile Roasted Cashews


With Thanksgiving coming up soon, it's never a bad idea to start thinking about what sort of snacks you'll need before the turkey for the early games without spoiling the feast.

Super Bowl Recipe

Foodball: Roasted Serrano Artichoke Ricotta Dip


As the season goes on, it's easy to get sick of the same old sour cream based dips, guacamole or hummus, and you don't always want a heavy baked spinach and artichoke dip made with cream cheese. The next best option for creaminess and taste? Ricotta.


Foodball: Grilled Za’atar Chicken Pitas


A couple of weeks ago I got a request for a lean protein football grilling recipe and I immediately thought of one my favorite ways to make chicken skewers; Greek yogurt and the Middle Eastern spice mixture, za'atar.


Foodball: Spicy Boozy Cafe Mocha For Tailgating (And Trick-Or-Treating)


Every September, people start to talk about football weather.

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Foodball: Jalapeños Stuffed With Chorizo And Corn Bread


I can tell you exactly where I was when first encountered the now ubiquitous bar staple jalapeño poppers.

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